Alan Bohms – Why Photography is Not As Expensive As You May Think

There are many people who would love to get into photography who simply think that the hobby is too expensive. the reality however is that there are many reasons why this is not the case and if you have a desire to get started then this is something that almost all of us can afford to do. Famous photographer Alan Bohms even mentioned this in an interview recently, in an effort to stop people getting put off by the perceived price of this hobby.

No matter whether you wish to snap nature, portraits or urban landscapes, here is why getting started with this hobby really isn’t as expensive as you think that it might be.

Smartphone Generation 

One thing which many people don’t quite realize is just how much potential they have right there in their pockets. The reality is that so many of the modern day smartphones have incredibly capable cameras which can be used to take some seriously high quality images. You will have to do a little bit of work on understanding the settings and the options for the camera on your phone, but there is a wealth of resources out there. From forums to YouTube videos, with just a small amount of time investment you will be able to unlock the power of your cellphone for taking images and editing them.

Second Hand Gear

Times are very different now than what they once were and this means that new models for cameras and equipment are coming out all of the time. Much like when people buy phones, many photography enthusiasts believe that they need the new and updated model whenever they come out. This of course isn’t the case, but who are we to judge what people are buying? What this means for the budget-conscious photography fan, is that they can pick up some seriously high quality bits of kit second hand, paying a fraction of the price compared to what it would cost brand new. Check out online marketplaces and second hand stores to secure some brilliant equipment without having to pay the full price for it.

Software Solutions

One of the most expensive things for photographers was to get the images processed and to go through the editing stage. This however is now one of the cheapest aspects of taking shots because of the high quality software which we now have, that can help you to produce, edit and print images to an extremely high quality. All you would have to do is invest once in some high grade software and then any images which you take going forward can be touched up, edited and printed to a very high quality resolution. This completely removes so much of the cost which you may have anticipated paying in the past.

These are just some of the reasons why getting started in photography now, really doesn’t have to cost you anywhere near the amount of money which it would have done many years ago.