Adventures in Khao Soi

One of my favorite dishes anywhere in Asia is Khao Soi and today I want to talk about why I love it, where it is from and the history of it and most importantly, what ingredients go into it. Let’s get stuck into this delicious dish and the reasons why I love it so.

I am a little obsessed with this at the moment and I am doing all that I can to learn how to make an excellent version of it, having failed so far. This is a street food classic and one which I cannot wait to share with you, and so, ladies and gentlemen, Khao Soi.

Where is it From?

The soup is generally found in northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. The name of the dish is likely from the Burmese word for noodles which is Khao Swe, it is widely accepted that its current name is a bastardized form of this word.


The main ingredients of the soup are hand cut egg or rice noodles, coconut milk and a curry soup base, it is the curry base which differs from place to place and that is where some get it right and others, like myself at the moment, get it wrong.

There are 2 varieties of this soup, the first being Lao khao sot and that is made using pork, chilies, tomatoes, shallots and garlic which is toped with pork rind. The second variety which you will find is the Northern Thai khao soi, and that features a more of a soup based consistency with crispy egg noodles and boiled egg noodles, and it also features lime, shallots, mustard greens that have been picked and meat. The two aren’t a million miles apart but the preparation is very different.

Why I Love It

There are a number of reasons why I love this dish, first of all it is very low cost, and for what you get for your money it is absolutely worthwhile. Secondly this is a dish which you can eat at any time during the day and it tastes just as good for breakfast as it does for lunch or dinner. Finally this was my first foray into the world of Asian food and it does hold something of a sentimental value to it, and I am reminded of this each time that I eat it.

There are often these foods which grab us as we travel the world, and for me they are very representative of the travels themselves. We do not just grab onto foods, but also people, and experiences, thoughts and ideas. For me this Khao Soi is something which I’d never have experienced if it wasn’t for me travels, and  that is a feeling which stays with me when I think about all of the other things that I have attached to me thanks to traveling.

Have you tried Khao Soi? What was your experience like? Feel free to drop your thoughts into the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.