4 Modern Upgrades to Make Your Classic Car Last Longer

Driving a classic car is somewhat of a status symbol. You know people will stop to stare and admire you and the car as you drive by on the highway or through the middle of town. It’s one of the many great benefits of owning a classic car. However, with such great pleasure and pride comes many maintenance responsibilities.

Owning a classic car is no easy ride. It needs routine maintenance, drivetrain service, and modernization to keep it up and running well. If you insist on driving your classic car daily and for everyday errands, you may want to consider making some modern upgrades, so it’s more comfortable and runs smoothly.

Below, you’ll find four modern upgrades you should make to your classic car to make it last longer.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning in cars was a god-send! There is nothing worse than driving on a hot July day in a car with the windows down and the backs of your legs sticking and slipping on the leather seats.

Adding air conditioning to your classic is truly a game-changer you’ll be thankful for. The next time you’re stuck in a hot, stuffy classic car, you’ll definitely feel inclined to invest in modernizing it with air conditioning.

Power Steering

If your classic car doesn’t have power steering, you know just how difficult and sometimes dangerous it can be to drive. Turning that wheel is no joy ride; we’ll tell you that.

Cars before 1951 did not have power steering, so if you have a car from before then, it’s time to consider upgrading it. Power steering not only makes driving the car more effortless, but it also cuts down on fuel consumption and cost.

Electronic Ignition System

Most classic cars before the 1980s were built with point ignition systems. While this system worked for a while, it has proven to cause complications and starter problems. Unfortunately, they don’t last as long as we would like them to.

Instead, upgrading the car with an electronic ignition system is your main solution. It will ensure your car starts up when you need it and keep you safe while using it. Plus, it’s fairly inexpensive and quick to install.

Disc Brakes

When you watch old movies, you probably notice how quickly the classic cars can brake while driving. This is made possible by drum brakes. While they’re effective and entertaining to use, they aren’t necessarily the safest brake option to use in modern times.

Instead, you should upgrade to disc brakes. They are affordable to install and will ensure your safety compared to the drum brakes. Plus, they require less cleaning and will make your classic car last longer than if you left the old drum brakes on.

Owning a classic car is a fun adventure and definitely something we want to show off for a long time. To do this, though, you need to maintain it and even upgrade it to increase its longevity. Try these four upgrades and become amazed at how much more comfortable and smoother your classic car rides.