We Found Our Van! #Vanlife

Bryce Canyon in Photos #vanlife

I have the shakiest of internet at the moment as we head into Wyoming. So long Utah! I really loved it there and we ended up spending over a week in Bryce Canyon just because it was so easy to live there. Camping in the Dixie National Forest was free and secluded. And I had signal on my phone (not always the case as we travel further away). Our home, sweet home. The spires and hoodoos of Bryce as strange and beautiful. I am slowly getting used to the idea of my children running around the rims of canyons. They didn’t die. I didn’t die. OMG though, that drop off. They don’t even flinch. More hoodoos. I know so much about the hoodoo. My kids are now junior park rangers at Bryce Canyon, which means, really, that I am. This kind of view just fills me up. Can you see…