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How to Raise Bilingual Kids for Busy Parents

I know it’s not surprising, since I just wrote a book about it, but I think everyone should raise their kids with two languages. It helps kids academically, it makes them more conscious of other cultures and improves social skills, it increases empathy and when they are all old and wrinkly it protects their brain from dementia for years. Some people say it’s like doing crosswords. No. It’s like getting a bionic crossword puzzle brain boost. It’s massive. And at their tender age it’s easier to learn without studying. Plus and here’s the best part that every one of these articles brushes over: they will SPEAK A SECOND LANGUAGE. I mean truly, it’s a super power. I don’t care what my European friends say – especially those who grew up with three languages so it’s so-not-a-big-deal – it is a big deal. It’s awesome. It feels magical. And you can give it…