Best of 2013: Travel Blogs Worth Reading (Nominations)

Update: the winners have been announced here:

Best of 2013: Travel Blogs Worth Reading

I’ve done this the last two years, and it’s been really fun.  As much as I feel like I’ve got a good idea of who is out there, every single year I’m happily delighted to find new-to-me blogs that just kill it.  I love a certain kind of blog — it has to be personal, but not too personal, the photography should be great, the story should be interesting, and I should feel like despite where I am in the world, wow, I’d really like to be there, right now.

Last year, I tried to highlight newer blogs (under 1-year-old) because they always get missed in these kinds of lists.  I split the list in half, and I’ll probably do the same thing this year, so feel free to nominate anyone — including yourself — who has a great blog that’s related (in some way!) to travel.  I’ll take photography, food, parenting, lifestyle — any kind of blog — but it does have to have travel as a reoccurring theme.  That’s it, it’s pretty wide open!

Last year’s winners are here!  (They didn’t actually win anything, except my esteem and a little link on the footer of my blog for the year under “Blogs I Love”).

How it works

You enter your nominations as a comment below (please include the URL, my spam filter might catch you but I will watch that and fix it as we go).  I’ll collect all the responses, check out all the sites, and using my own very in-depth review system (I can’t reveal all the details, but it does involve naps) I’ll pick the winners and release the results in January.  There isn’t any voting, because voting is lame and isn’t it nice to just be recognized for having a cool blog and not have to beg people for votes?  So let’s do that.  Let’s recognize the awesome travel blogs that we love and while they won’t get a badge or a widget (again, omg, kill me now, who thinks up these things?) they do get little nod from us.  Yay!  Travel!

Get a free travel app!

Oh, I almost forgot.  The very talented people at TripRider, who designed a beautiful looking app for planning travel have given me five free downloads to give away.  Leave a comment to enter (you don’t have to nominate a blog, but that would be great too!).  I’ll pick five winners in a week using

UPDATE: Announcing the winners to the TripRider giveaway. Comments # 28, 26, 72, 105, 58 all win the app!  Was that you? Congrats!  I’ll be emailing you with the code to access your free app!



  1. I don’t have any nominations but I would love to win the travel app!

  2. I am going to shamelessly nominate my own blog,! I’ve been blogging our adventures as a newlywed couple for just under a year now! Woohoo!

  3. Our blog at is a chronicle of our adventures as a new traveling family! We will be leaving for our long-term around the world journey sometime this summer. Happy reading 🙂

  4. I’m going to nominate one of the best travel blogs out there – yTravelBlog

    For couples, families, travel tips, and destination information while being personal and interactive, this may be one of the best around. Caz and Craig do a fantastic job of connecting travelers and destinations while building a community.

    If people are interested in sports and travel (a unique niche), hiking, destinations, travel guides, tips, and travel stories, feel free to check out mine at Budget Travel Adventures –

    Thanks for the opportunity to share other blogs and glad I could help promote Caz and Craig. They deserve it.

  5. Ok, I’m partial. I contribute a monthly pet travel post to A Traveler’s Library. But it’s a fun look at books and movies that inspire travel.

    Vera, the grand poobah, reviews books about places the world over, many accompanied with her own photos. But she also has contributing writers that focus on travel films, educational travel with children, travel-related food, and music.

    You can check it out here:

  6. I’d love to nominate my blog It’s relatively new, and I’m leaving for my travels at the beginning of Jan 2013. It will be focusing on my journey through Asia and then the USA for a year, and highlights the natural world, tries to impart my love of history and culture, and a little of the more philosophical personal journey side of travel.

    I’d also like to nominate (I can nominate more than one person right?) Hannah at I love her honest, personal style and the way she embraces where she is.

  7. Lisa at Renovating Italy is leaving Australia in March with her Italian born Sam and two children to live in Veravo in the hills behind the Italian Riviera. They have bought a bombshell of a house and plan to renovate it. She’s at that delicious ‘jumping off’ phase. I’ve only been following for a couple of months but I think this will be one to watch. She’s a great girl too.

  8. I’m going to nominate my own blog, I am an expat living in Shanghai with my husband, traveling around greater Asia and writing about our experiences as I go. The blog is just over a year old (started in Sept 2012). I write anonymously because of my husband’s job, but that makes it difficult to garner a real following. Even if I don’t win, I’d still love your feedback! I’d also like to nominate my friend James of He started this travel blog over the summer and it’s terrific – insightful and witty with beautiful photos. Happy reading!

    • Awww, thanks, Cosmo! You beat me to it! My blog highlights my shabby chic adventures, eating my way through (insert country name here), staying in $600 rooms one night and in a local Vietnamese friend’s house the next (bucket showers, anyone?) and basically trying to capture the giddiness of experiencing something new wherever you may be.

  9. I’m also going to nominate myself… my boyfriend and I run a food and travel blog at We spent a year teaching English in South Korea and then last August began our year-long round-the-world adventure. Currently we are spending a couple months in Chiang Mai as a bit of a travel break.

  10. I’d like to nominate the always-excellent Roads & Kingdoms – – easily some of the best travel writing on the web these days. I read them religiously and they tackle the serious issues and lighter fare with equal aplomb.

  11. I’d like to nominate my blog My boyfriend and I started our 2 year trip in Japan in September 2012 and have since been to South Korea, China and currently are in Vietnam! We blog about our trip as well as including country expense posts, advertising income posts and traffic posts to hopefully help other bloggers too.

  12. Hi Christine, thanks for doing this, it is so fun!

    I will put our blog in here, even though it is pretty personal, not sure what you mean by “too personal” 🙂
    In January our 3rd son was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given only 6 months to live. He was only 8 months old. We left the hospital and never went back. He traveled the world and got 4 stamps on his passport. He died in my arms in Thailand in June. We miss him so much and live every day in honor of his free spirit, we are still traveling and plan to do so forever.

    xoxo, Chelsea

  13. I’d love to nominate our own blog! My husband and I quit our jobs, sold the house/cars and left “normal” life behind 5 months ago! We travel pretty fast compared to most RTW’ers, but there’s just so much this world has to show us 🙂

  14. I’d like to shamelessly nominate my blog . I’m a luxury travel advisor, and I write about my own travel experiences, plus my Virtuoso (“Best of the best”) hotelier, cruise, and onsite destination specialists – as well as having clients guest blog, and I offer tips to travelers, plus more! Please come check it out! 🙂 (As my twitter handles @sheila_gh and @lushlifetravel say – I’m a Virtuoso travel advisor/ Dream orchestrator with Luxury& Disney expertise. I handle most budgets. My black book of connections opens doors

  15. I’d like to nominate my travel blog — — that documents my life and adventures from living in East Africa! December and January’s posts will be dedicated to budget travel through Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you so much for nominating us, Amy! I was going to nominate myself, but you saved me from it! I wholeheartedly second both of your nominations – Tony & I are really looking forward to seeing the wonderful things you do when the two of you finally fly free from London!

    • Tara, what an honor. I am so glad you are writing again, that honestly just made my day 🙂

  16. With pride, I nominate myself! My husband and I retired in 2009 and have been traveling the world and writing and photographing since them, although I have been writing my whole life.We focus on Baby Boomer travel although we also cover couples travel and girlfriends getaways.

  17. Another one shamelessly nominating their own blog:
    Bucket List Journey at

    Writing about list worthy experiences in travel, food and adventure from all over the world.

  18. L Stevens = nominate…

    And as I’m taking off in feb for 11 mos of horribly-planned leave-it-up-to-fate exploration, travel app contest submission welcome! Thx!

  19. I’d like to nominate my blog, Katie Going Global (, which has focused on my journey through all 15 countries of the former Soviet Union, including crossing the Black Sea by ferry from Ukraine to Georgia, volunteering in Armenia, teaching English in Tajikistan and camping in the deserts of Turkmenistan.

    I’d also like to nominate 2 of my favorite travel blogs – Hecktic Travels ( and Honey Trek (

  20. I’m going to shamelessly nominate my own blog Destination Unknown at
    which I began 6 months ago. I share my travel and photography experiences to inspire others. 2013 is an exciting year ahead as I start with a trip to Antarctica and continue with a 2nd career break – all of which will be blogged and shared on my site!

  21. Hello! My husband and I are enjoying the global nomad lifestyle these days (on a round the world trip). We’re writing and photographing all our adventures here: Hope you enjoy!

  22. So many great picks from your list last year! Kim and Brian of So Many Places, Jodi of Legal Nomads, Kirsten of Aviators and a Camera, Chris and Tawny of Captain and Clark, Matt and Erica of Living If… I really love each of them.

    A few other favorites of mine:
    Green Kitchen Stories
    Two years ago this couple left Sweden to travel with their daughter; they’re home now, and their food stories are always spiced with beautiful influences from the great, wide world.

    Jeremy & Kathleen
    Graphic designer/entrepreneur and software engineer duo mixing big joys of life with little adventures around the world.

    Fearful Adventurer
    Torre’s spunk, realism, and creativity keep me inspired. And she has a chicken in her header.

    Lastly, us:
    Perspectives on the world from we two native Oregonians: convincing my coffee-loving “indoorsy” husband to trek through Patagonia, interviewing the founder of Lebanon’s 961 Brewery (“the only microbrewery in the Middle East”), cooking octopus curry in Zanzibar… It’s been a beautiful year, and I can’t wait to see what 2013 holds.

  23. Hi Christine!

    I am new at blogging but my husband and I started a blog this year about our around the world travels after leaving our NYC corporate jobs back in March. We are back from our trip but I am going to continue to write about our travels from the past (before our RTW), as well as our new home state, Colorado. We love hiking and being in nature so our blog is focused a lot on taking photos while hiking in the mountains 🙂
    I also plan to blog about FOOD as I will be going to culinary school in Feb to follow my passions and start a new adventure!

    We would love to nominate our own blog:

    Good luck with #2!

    Shru and Dan

  24. My wife and I decided that life is too short. After watching a close friend pass away at a young age – we asked ourselves “If we had 6 months to live, would we be doing what we are doing now?”. The answer was a resounding NO!

    We sold all our belongings and rented out our house. For the past 8 months we have been pursuing our passion – Travel.

    We have been blogging about the process of finding out what juices us – then finding a way to do more of it. (My definition of the meaning of life).

    I would like to nominate our own Blog

    Living Life as a Bold Adventure

    Thanks for taking the time to look at our site – any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Michael & Yvonne

  25. Shameless self-promotion. I’d like to nominate my blog. I’ve been blogging (informally) for a couple of years, but didn’t really start focusing on it until January of 2012. I hope you enjoy it.

    PS…would love to be entered for the travel app drawing.

  26. is photo heavy and as atmospheric and unassuming as a travel blog that isn’t a “travel blog” should be. I felt like I found a missing jigsaw piece when I started following this travelogue… is an Australian photographer/writer partnership and they produce design-inspired posts and reviews. True visual porn. They’re also authors of a great travel photography Field Guide.

    And finally another thank you – having my blog on your 2012 newbie list forced me to step up and respect the traffic you drove to my site. The perfect kick start to my blogging journey…

  27. There’s so many fabulous blogs to read but I’d like to nominate two Australian blogs that I enjoy reading.
    Quiet Wanderings:
    Stunning photography to go with beautiful words that will inspire you to travel from photographer Cherina Hadley

    World Wandering Kiwi: Another fabulous blog from Natasha Von Geldern who has travelled far and wide and transports you there with her great photographs.

    I’ll also mention my blog: A Taste of Travel which invites you to join me on my travels though more than often its all about the food!! Bit naughty to self promote but…!!

  28. I too would like to shamelessly nominate my blog, It’s a video diary of my life, experiences and travels in France as an American expat living in the French Alps. Prefer videos to narratives? That’s where to go for a different way to seeing France.

    Thanks and good luck, everyone.

  29. Here are couple of blogs I’ve really enjoyed discovering this autumn and which haven’t been mentioned yet, I think. – stunning images with capturing & light story-telling. Perfect with cup of tea and a biscuit! – more of a food than travel blog but the recipes do take you to Scandinavia, especially if you get around to trying one of them…

    With bit of a cringe I’d like to add my own newish blog in this list as well, I think it’s the Finn in me telling me “self promotion is bad!”. As an alternative I thought my husband could come and add me to the list but that would’ve screamed “she made me do it!”. So here we go, Destination Unknown: I noticed that someone else has the same name for their blog, now that’s what you get when you first start blogging in Finnish and in Finland (almost 4 years ago) and an English title for a blog is novelty. Well, not anymore out here in the big world… 🙂

  30. I’d like to nominate my own blog, it’s a little different from most travel blogs because it focused on my three semesters abroad, but I’ve been writing for almost a year now and I have a whole semester in Prague ahead!

    I’d also like to nominate The Ivory Pomegranate-, which I started reading after my family hosted a Kyrgyzstani boy. It’s fabulous and totally off then beaten track.

  31. Hi Christine,
    First off, thank you so much for showcasing so many others out there who are traveling and living a different life than the one marketed to us in the US. It’s great to see so many other people that I can share/read stories with.

    With that, I would like to nominate my blog We set out on our yearlong US travel via an RV this week and I am hoping to document the process of going from a complete non photograph taker to an amateur level if only to satisfy my memories.

  32. Hi Christine – I think this is a fabulous idea thank you. Hope you don’t mind but I am going to nominate myself Postcard Pictures
    I am relatively new – just over a year old and can’t image a life without my blog and better still an amazing community of like-minded, passionate people. Merry Christmas F

  33. Well, I think enough people have nominated their own blogs now that I can do the same without too much stigma, haha: My boyfriend and I have been traveling since September 2011 – we travel slowly, working or volunteering in every country we visit. I focus on providing budget travel tips as well as a “temporary expat” perspective.

  34. I really loved the list last year. Glad to see you are doing it again!

    I’m going to nominate my blog Farsickness ( It’s relatively new (a few entries from last year, but the real work has been put in this year) and focuses on travel and expat life in Korea.

    I’d also like to nominate Ashley Abroad ( She’s a fellow Michigander who is currently an au pair in Paris. One of my new favorite reads.

  35. Christopher Krol

    I’d like to nominate Marc’s travels take him to interesting, off the beaten track places in addition to cities and towns we all know (or have at least heard of) all over North America. His posts are humerous, informative and give the reader a real sense of being there.

    I’d love for Marc’s travel blog to bring recognized as one of the best and I’d love a copy of the TripRider travel app for myself!

  36. Dustin Ruegger

    I’d like to nominate a young, but awesome blog–it was just started a few weeks ago–called The Adventure League. ( Their basic concept is that it is “Adventure Time. All the Time.” And they post awesome narratives on their adventures, but encourage readers to earn adventures badges. You should totally check it out.

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  38. I’m starting to think if I spent an hour reading each of these I’ve never heard from before, well, that would be a pretty good week overall.

    I’ll nominate one where I can’t take much credit, by five writers with interesting things to say.

  39. If it is not too shameful I’d like to nominte our blog ‘Tammy & Chris on the move’ We are husband and wife who stopped pushing pens around the British Civil Service to travel and volunteer. We are currently working on human rights issues in Cambodia and have been blogging about our travels around Asia for just over a year now.

  40. Can we nominate ourselves? is a new blog which focuses mainly on lifestyle (promoting work/life balance) with some travel posts. It will eventually become a blog about our sailing adventures from the Mediterranean to Australia, when we eventually set off 🙂

    Plenty of watersports in the meantime.

  41. I’d love to nominate Lauren of and Tom at because they are HILARIOUS. Two of the funniest travel bloggers out there; I always look forward to seeing their latest posts on my reader.

    Would also like to nominate myself, I’m a 23-year old who’s been abroad for nearly five years (in China, Singapore, and now based in Paris) and I write to show others that it’s possible to travel at a young age — and that it’s possible to balance travel, a career, and a relationship all at the same time! Plus I just like to take photos, so there’s a lot of that.

  42. Hi, one of my fav blog sites is OE Travel Blogs. The site offers helpful tips and advice plus blogs on plenty of places around the world. It’s been one of my top picks for the last year

  43. I’d like to nominate 3 budding blogs (including my own): – Shera includes thoughtful planning on a year long RTW starting in 2014 with flasbacks to previous awesome trips – CC’s currently in India on her way through SEA for the next 4 – ? months. She’s one of my favorite people too! – my own blog. My husband and I did a RTW honeymoon for 4 months in 2012. We stopped blogging 80% through our trip but are starting up again in the new year – more travel stories to come!

  44. What a great range if blogs! This is such a great idea and a good way to compile lots of travel blogs into the one spot. I’ve been enjoying reading.

    Anyone out there travelling by boat?

  45. Hey all,
    Christine, awesome idea putting together the best blogs of 2013. Today is the day the Mayans predicted the end of the world, if we’re still kicking about after today then I’d like to recommend our website :-). I see it’s already been mentioned above, thank you David.

    So our site is, a collection of blogs and guest blogs from numerous country’s around the world. Like minded travellers sharing what they love most about travel. There’s also plenty of advice, a tour search engine and so much more.

    I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Safe travels where ever you may be in the world.

  46. Hi Christine —

    Well since others weren’t afraid to do so, I’ll nominate my own blog as well: The Time-Crunched Traveler.

    Here’s a link to one of my favorite posts from this year, which describes why I travel:

    My husband and I are working professionals trying to make the most of our limited vacation time, and are currently living the expat life in China due to my husband’s job.

    I’ll also include a few blogs I enjoy reading:

    Happy New Year!


  47. The ladies at do such a great job of making you feel you are there with them as they explore their city or the world. Be it freezing in Geneva watching medieval horsemen or trying to tame the “jungle” in Costa Rica, you will freeze or sweat right with them! Kudos to the wino and the romantic!

  48. i would like to nominate that sassy Texan right above this comment – Leah of

    not only is she a fantastic photographer & fabulous storyteller – she’s also my fun travel partner in crime. i know you’ll enjoy reading her blog.

  49. One of my favorite blogs is

    Raúl writes about travel experiences that happen close to home, but also those abroad. Has some great South American pieces and will be climbing Kilimanjaro with Trekking for kids (his second hike with them) in February!

  50. I’d like to nominate Bridges and Balloons – They’ve got it all… stunning photography, great story telling, and helpful information.

    I’d like to nominate myself as well, because I like to think I’ve got it all too 🙂 Or at least I will, as soon as my big trip kicks off in one week!! My blog is Stars on the Ceiling


  51. Hi Christine, I am going to be very un-British and blow my own trumpet, nominating my own personal travel blog, Leap Before You Look, at

    I travel slow, but travel is my way of life, and has been since I left the UK for Madrid over six years ago. I spent the last 15 months in India and South East Asia, where I ticked off all those cheesy travel cliches… briefly but intensely losing the plot, awakening to my spiritual self and finding true love in the form of amber-eyed man from Rajasthan.

    I am currently enjoying a few weeks break in rainy Wales before heading back east in February to meet my Love, with no real plan and no real desire for one!

    I am determined to blog more in 2013, and would be delighted if you could take a look. Thank you!

  52. On January 7th, 2013, I’m taking off with my best friend on a two-year adventure to explore the Top 100 Places in the World. Hopefully our detailed accounts of visiting these wondrous places will inspire people to travel.

    We’ve been working really hard and we’re excited and anxious to be departing in 10 short days. We hope that AbsoluteVisit will be one of the most fun travel blogs to follow in 2013. Check it out!

  53. Dear Christine,

    Great blog! It gives me hope for the future that you can happily travel with a small child 🙂

    I would like to nominate two blogs, first this one by my friend Dorthe Beldal:
    She is a Danish adventurer living in Patagonia; she carries the mountains in her heart and her heart on her sleeve, which is a great combination for a blog!

    I would also like to nominate our own blog:
    We only júst started it, so there is not a whole lot of content on it yet, but we are working hard to make it grow. The blog started because we (I own an adventure travel organization in Patagonia) wanted to start offering trips to the remote Navarino Island in Tierra del Fuego. We really love this place, because of its cultural and natural significance. We discovered that its quite difficult to find good travel information about it, so we decided to start the blog to impulse tourism, independently of our company. We hope that local businesses will benefit directly from our efforts and that we can help more travelers to find this beautiful place.

  54. Hi Christine, I’d like to shout about my efforts over on the Ad-lib Traveller. My blog focuses upon the trips that I take around the world. I like to show my readers the world that is there to see outside the 9 to 5 of the day job.

    Thanks, Colleen

  55. I don’t know if I can even dare nominating our blog. We’ve been traveling for over a year but only just started writing about our adventures and lessons learnt here
    Still a long ways to go (like a decent design…cough..) but we have big dreams and plans with it for 2013.
    Thanks for hosting this Christine. Looking forward to getting to know new travel blogs.

  56. Ok I am closing out nominations…

    I have gathered everyone and I’ll be making a new list in the new few weeks.

  57. I’m usually loathe to self-congratulate myself, but you can certainly consider my blog for an award if you like!

    I’ve been running the Londoneer since 2007, and I focus on lots of aspects of London life, much of which will be of interest to visitors. It goes well beyond the Tower of London and the London Eye…

  58. I would like to nominate my personal travelog site:

    Most of my travel blogs are on the site (and almost an equal number of posts are still in a draft stage…)


  59. If you like a touch of archaeology and history with your travel and a side dish of Mediterranean gastronomic adventures, with posts written by expert archaeologists who are passionate and knowledgeable about their favourite destinations – Turkey, Greece and Italy – please pick

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  61. While this is a duffle bag site we will be posting a few articles about airline fees and how to avoid them. We also have a airline regulations chart. Check it out to see which airlines are charging which fees. It will be updated to this year if not already.

  62. I know I’m a little bit late, but hoping you can still consider Have been busy since returning from a month in Africa 🙂 The site focuses on providing travel advice for independent travellers and has some great photo galleries as well.

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  64. My wife and I are about to complete 6 months on the road and write about our travels at Every day we include a SINGLE photo with our thoughts and impressions. She is from Brazil so half of the post is written in Portuguese for her readers. Please consider taking a look.

    All the best,

  65. My absolute favorite travel site, some of the best travel writing out there. Very interactive and the epic adventure section has me laughing out loud and wanting to go on a road trip with the author. Beautiful photos too.

  66. I filled out the comment field incorrectly on my last comment – is not my site but it is the travel site I go to on a weekly basis to read up on the author’s latest fantastic and usually hilarious adventures.

  67. Here is a travel blog for the boating world and specifically for those trying to get around North American lakes and coastal waters. Humorous and engaging. Hope you like it.

  68. This is the only blog in the world which narrates a personal travel experience of more than 30 years in the exotic and mystic places in India not found on the usual tourist map of India. The blog has more than 150 posts and still vibrant.

  69. Jessica Ebner Statt

    We run our own blog, Family Travel Times,, which is less than a year old, but doing well. I run it with my mum, Sarah, and think we are very unusual doing a mother and daughter blog. We live in the UK and I am 11. Thank you!

  70. Genevieve Stolz

    We’re obviously late to enter but we nominate Family with two little ones sailing around and sharing the day to day life, which is often quite adventurous. Enjoy.

  71. Deborah Hettesheimer-Citarella We road trip the US with our 4 kids. We are on all the social medias Facebook, twitter, Instagram to name a few. I hope you follow are adventures as we locate quirky roadside attractions, fun things to do with your kids.