Your mattress can keep you slim and other weird facts

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. A poor night’s sleep can have some effects that are obvious and well known. Even a short spell of bad sleep can result in stress, bad mood, and a lack of concentration the next day. This obviously impacts your ability to get things done and to relate well to the people around you. Insufficient sleep and the wrong mattress can impact you in other ways too.

Waking up with an aching back is one of the ways a mattress can affect your health and wellbeing. Malformed mattresses or ones with poor support because of age or other reasons can contribute to this. For this reason, it is vitally important to ensure you select the type of mattress that is appropriate for you in terms of support and flexibility. It is worth going to specialist suppliers of which there are a number, for example Raypal Stores in the UK has a variety of types.

A stuffy or runny nose at night-time or when you wake up in the morning could be down to your mattress. Some people suffer from an allergy to the dust mites and their by products that inhabit mattresses. Over the course of a ten-year life a mattress can double its weight and that increase is made up of dead skin flakes that fall off the occupants and of dust mites and sweat. This is certainly not going to help anyone prone to allergies and is a good reason to follow the industry standard advice of renewing your mattress at least once every eight years.

The NHS website highlights the fact that sleep can help you slim! People that suffer from sleep deprivation have reduced levels of a hormone that makes you feel full and can be more prone to obesity. The same site flags up several other benefits of a good night’s sleep including a better immune system so being less prone to colds and flu.

The physical health benefits are numerous and include helping ward against diabetes, warding off heart disease with reduced blood pressure and an increased libido. There is also evidence that it increases fertility.

The effects of a good night’s rest are not limited to the physical. As mentioned earlier you are more alert, in a better mood and much more creative and mentally agile after a good night of peaceful slumber. Your memory is impaired if you are not resting sufficiently.

This clearly highlights the importance of the piece of furniture you use to ensure quality sleep, the mattress. Mattresses have undergone a vast transformation from the early days. The word itself has its origin in the Arabic and means ‘throw’ to denote the act of throwing furs or other items down to sleep on.

Early sleeping arrangements were far from comfortable and sub optimal from a health point of view. Now we are fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of everything from memory foam, orthopaedic, coiled spring, or pocket spring mattresses. It is simply a matter of choosing the right one and ensuring that it is replaced at an appropriate interval, it really is that important for your health and mental well being.