Will Industry Transformations Lead You to the Writer’s Life?

Have you been considering a career change? Do you long for the writer’s life with its exhilarating combination of flexibility, creativity, and professionalism? Many people who dream about becoming a writer never take the leap, leaving an established career to try their hand at writing. In today’s world, however, many industries are rapidly changing in various ways. As these changes transform the work landscape, some jobs will fade away while others morph into something else entirely. Now is the perfect time to consider switching to the writing life if your industry is undergoing enormous changes that could have a negative impact on your career.

Retail Sales

You see it everywhere – shuttered stores downtown, abandoned shopping malls, and even major chains that have gone or will go out of business. With fewer retail stores staying open and more people shopping online, retail sales and management positions are fading away. It’s so much easier to shop online at your leisure. If you’ve been working retail in a customer-facing or staff management position, consider writing instead. Your years in retail will serve you well as a reviewer or writer for a brand name label or customer service website. And no more holiday black-out dates at Christmas!


Nurses and medical staff are leaving healthcare in droves. A double-whammy has hit healthcare in the past few years. Most obviously, the Covid-19 pandemic led to burnout, stress, and exposure to possible illnesses that many healthcare professionals had trouble justifying. Adding to this, the healthcare industry pivoted toward staffing solutions that required fewer employees while maximizing patient care, including robotic process automation and data analytics provided by companies like Amitech Solutions.

If you’re a healthcare professional who is tired of endless scheduling phone calls, reams of paperwork, or exposure to life-threatening illnesses, try your hand at medical writing. Freelance medical writers make excellent money educating others, all while working from home or anywhere in the world.

Dining and Food Industry

Restaurants have been hit particularly hard by the Covid restrictions. Some restaurants have never reopened, while others have switched to pick-up and delivery only, leaving everyone from servers to chefs out of work. There will be fewer opportunities to work your way up to management or become a sommelier in the future. The fine-dining industry is fluctuating too rapidly, and growth is uncertain. As a food industry writer, you have many options, including restaurant reviewer, food blogger, and foodie guide for travelers.

As the employment and career landscape changes, consider taking a leap of faith. If you’ve always longed to be a writer but worried about leaving your current position, there’s never been a better time to take the plunge.