Understanding The Reasons People Have Abortions

Whether you are considering having an abortion yourself, supporting a loved one in making their decision, or you’re simply curious as to why people might choose to have an abortion, learning more about the various reasons and looking more deeply into the situation can be helpful. The truth is that no one is going to choose to have an abortion on a whim; there are complex and difficult decisions to be made with lots of pros and cons to consider – all of which will be different depending on your own particular situation. Read on to find out more about the reasons people have abortions, as this could be very helpful.

The Financial Situation

One big reason for choosing to visit abortion clinics for advice and to arrange for the procedure to be carried out is a financial one. Raising a child is expensive, even if you do have a lot of help around you. It costs money to feed and clothe a child, to buy the items they need for school, to get them toys, and so on. Even the bare minimum will still cost thousands.

For some who are simply not in a financial situation to be able to afford this, an abortion can be the best choice. This doesn’t mean they won’t be able to try again when their financial situation improves, but for the sake of the child and the parent, waiting is often best.

The Relationship

Another reason to end a pregnancy is due to the relationship that created it in the first place. Bringing a child into a bad relationship, whether it’s bad due to violence, mental abuse, drink or drugs, or simply because you are no longer in love and therefore the child would not have a loving home to grow up in, is unfair.

It could be that the relationship is very new, and you’re not sure whether it is a long-term prospect or not. If you don’t know the father very well, it could be a mistake to have a child with them – you’ll have a bond with them for life, and it might not be something you’re comfortable with.

A Health Issue

Sometimes the decision to have an abortion has to be made for health reasons. This could be the health of the baby or the mother, and both need to be taken into account. In some cases, the baby might have a condition that would limit its life, and it might not even survive much beyond birth. Or perhaps the mother would suffer through the pregnancy, and birth itself could be dangerous, even life-threatening.

The pros and cons would have to be weighed up, and it is best to speak to a medical expert who has all the information you might need, but in some cases, an abortion will be the safest course of action.

Not Ready

If you know, you are ready – emotionally, financially, and in a good place in your life – to have a baby, that’s one thing. However, if you’re not ready for any of those reasons, and if you know you would not be able to offer the child the life it deserves, this can be another good reason to have an abortion.

As a parent, you must put your child first, and if you know you wouldn’t be able to do that for any reason, speaking to a professional about the abortion procedure could be your best option.