Three tips for making friends in senior living

Retirement can be an exciting as well as a frightening transition for seniors who have been looking forward to getting enough freedom and time to do whatever they want. However, a lot of seniors also fear they might not have someone to spend this time with. This isn’t always the case, as staying in senior living means that you will have lots of people around you in a similar situation.

As a senior, creating and sustaining friendships isn’t just fulfilling – it stimulates the brain and improves life expectancy as well. There are numerous advantages of socialization, and senior living, fortunately, provides its residents with a lot of opportunities to interact. Here are some tips and techniques that will help you develop friendships.

Utilize the group activities

A major feature of assisted living facilities is the high-quality amenities that seniors will have access to. These amenities could occupy seniors for a while. It is important to note, though, that not all senior living communities offer similar activities. For example, there are over 55 communities in Myrtle Beach, and all of them will definitely not have the same amenities and activities. That’s why it is important to get information about the specifics. However, there are common ones. Some of them are: classic bingo games, talent shows, art classes, card games, etc. You need to take advantage of the activities. Senior living might also involve exercise or strength classes like yoga.

Spend time in the common areas

Instead of going back to your room or apartment to surf the web, you can decide to do this in the common area instead. You could bring a board game or cards as a conversation starter or to just pass the time. You can entertain yourself (and your potential friends) in different ways in the senior living lounge.

In addition to this, observe the way your fellow residents spend their time. In case you find something that interests you, ask them if you could participate. Don’t be afraid to communicate with new people as they will probably be looking for new friends as well. You could also make friends with the staff; you’re not limited to making friends with just the residents.

Join new groups during meals

One of the things food has the ability to do is bring people together, regardless of their background. That’s why eating with your fellow residents can be a good way to begin conversations and friendships with them. However, if conversations begin to move to areas in which you’re not comfortable, you should consider setting with new people. Just ensure that you try to establish common ground. Discuss your interests, hobbies, favorite foods, teams, friends, and family – but also remember to ask them about theirs.

Try to introduce yourself to a lot of people. Meals are a big part of each day, so the goal is to make the time as pleasant as possible by being around like-minded people. If you eat with people you actually like, you will enjoy meals more than if you do the opposite.