The Crucial Role of Regular Self-Examinations for Detecting Lumps

Finding a lump anywhere in your body can be frightening. This might lead you to put off checking yourself for lumps, or you might wait until you present other symptoms before going to the doctor. However, it is critical that you regularly perform self-examinations that will allow you to stay aware of changes to your body and will ensure that you can get the medical help that you need when you need it. 

Helps You to Notice Lumps

Although you might believe that you would always notice if a red and swollen bump can up on your body, many lumps are deeper underneath the surface and are not noticeable to you until you feel for them. Not only this, but there are areas of your body which you do not regularly see and which you might miss lumps on, such as your back. This means that it is important that you do not just perform a cursory check of your body or wait until you have an obvious symptom before heading to the doctor. 

Allows You to Check Your Health Yourself

Regular self-examinations are also important as it is unlikely that you will often be visiting the doctor or having tests performed unless you believe that there is something wrong. By performing an exam at home, you will be able to check your health without the guidance of a medical professional and then book an appointment if you find a lump that you are concerned about. You should always head to a doctor if you discover a lump, though, as simply searching the internet can make your anxiety worse

Gives You the Chance to Find Small Lumps

Not only this, but self-examinations of your breasts and other parts of your body are often the only way to find small lumps that have not developed much yet. By examining yourself, you will be able to catch conditions such as cancer early and will be able to get the medical attention that you need. This can prevent the illness from worsening or the lump from spreading. Visiting a doctor about this lump can also put your mind at rest if it is nothing to worry about, as only trained professionals truly know what they are looking for. In some cases, lumps could be a sign of another condition. 

Allows You To Check Up on Other Symptoms

It is also vital that you perform a self-examination if you have other signs of cancer or another condition. This could allow you to find the source of your pain or rule certain illnesses out. This means that you should research what you are looking for during your self-examination, as well as the other signs and symptoms of cancer and other ailments. You can do this by looking at the information that Moffitt Cancer Center (Tampa, Florida) has to offer. This will allow you to weigh up whether you need to see a doctor. It can also give you a better idea of whether your symptoms match the illness that you are worried that you have. 

Rather than putting off your self-examination for fear of finding a lump, it is important that you set a date in your calendar to perform this test each month. This can help you to stay aware of your health and ensure that you can get the help you need immediately if you find a concerning sign.