10 Unexptected Costs of Owning Things

Owning things may feel as though it doesn’t cost you anything because it is paid for, but that is only true to a point. In reality there is a cost to be paid when you are the owner of something and that is a thought which has been bobbing around my head of late.


There is maintenance to consider when you own something in order to keep it working or looking its best. A car, a coffee machine, even a piece of furniture, there are always associated costs.

Loss of Importance

The more things that you own the less important they can become, think about a glorious lamp that you have, buy 4 more lamps and the first one loses its charm.


There is often that feeling of wanting something that you can’t have so bad, and then when you finally get it, you are not really that happy with what you have bought, disappointment is certainly a cost to consider.


Sometimes we buy things when we really don’t want them, we are just buying them to make up for something else. When our emotions manifest in this way, the item that we have bought is almost worthless, and that is quite a sad fact in itself.

Overspending 1

Overspending is an annoying thing which we do and more often than not we only recognize it once we have done it, yet we only go and do it again in the future.

Overspending 2

There is also the physical loss of money when you overspend, buy something for twice its worth and sell it for half of its worth and you will have taken quite the hit.


When I was a kid I used to buy all these CDs to show off what a music fan I was but never listened to half of them. I was quite literally trying to buy status, which I still didn’t really find.


Often we make emotional investments which can hold us back. This doesn’t help when you are on the road and you know that whatever you buy that cannot go with you will sendup being sold.


We often buy based on our emotions, things that remind us of home for example, but when the time comes to sell them we are only going to damage our emotions and that is a cost which we have to pay very often.

Bogged Down

If you buy enough things then eventually you will feel bogged down by it all and that is an awful feeling. There is also that dread of being full up with things that you don’t need, and the guilt that comes with it.

I am sill learning but the truth is that there is much more than financial cost when you buy something.