Selin Sakarcan – Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

There is no doubt that meditation can help just about everyone in the world, yet so few of us have unlocked the benefits which we can gain from this. This is an ancient practice which has been around for centuries, and it is just as powerful today as it has ever been. There are many in the health and fitness world like Selin Sakaracan, who often speak about the benefits which daily meditation can bring to your lives, and today we are going to back up those benefits with science.

This is not a practice with empty claims, and these are the science-backed benefits which you can count on when you meditate.

Stress Reduction

Mental and physical stress is generated because of a chemical in the brain called cortisol. This chemical is produced when we are in stressful situations, to prepare the body for what it is about to go through. To reduce the production of cortisol and to manage the levels of stress which we have in the body, meditation offers the perfect solution. After just 4 weeks of daily meditation you will feel a great reduction in your stress levels.

Anxiety Control

An 8 week study which was carried out amongst 1,300 adults found that those who meditate for just 15 minutes per day, were able to greatly lower their anxiety levels. Interestingly this was strongest in those who already suffered from high levels of anxiety. Anxiety can have a really debilitating impact on our lives and that is why using meditation to control it makes so much sense.

Emotional Health

Meditation is not only a great tool to help us relieve stress and control our anxiety, it can also make us happier too. A recent study of 2,500 adults showed that after just 4 weeks of meditating for 15 minutes per day, they charted much higher in terms of happiness and emotional health.  This practice helps to get rid of negative thoughts and have a much more positive attitude to life in general. Needless to say this kind of approach can help out in so many facets of your life, from personal to professional.

Lengthens Your Attention Span

Often our ability to focus and pay attention is diminished because of the thoughts and distractions which are flying around our brains. The practice of meditation helps us to focus on these thoughts and almost categorize them by priority. The end result of this is that we can then control those thoughts when they are required, and that frees up the focus of the brain so that we can have a much longer attention span. the knock-on effect of this is that we are able to organize better, we can increase our memory capability and we can give people the time and the attention that they are looking for when they speak to us.

Just 15 minutes per day is all that you need to receive these incredible benefits and many more.