How To Motivate Your Family to be Healthier

It’s natural to want your spouse, parents, and kids to be healthy — after all, you want them to live a long, happy life. It isn’t always natural, however, for each family member to do everything it takes to stay healthy. If you’ve been looking for ways to motivate your family, there are a few things you can do. Besides starting them on a wellements multivitamin regimen, you can learn a bit about the subtle art of persuasion.

 Leading By Example

You can’t expect anyone to do what you say unless you’re willing to do it yourself — this is a rule of leadership every West Point cadet learns in their first year. It can be tough at first, but showing everyone that real lifestyle change is possible is an important step toward getting everyone on board.

Studies show that most people are comfortable eating a similar amount of food to those they share meals with. Even though this is probably a subconscious choice, many people are reluctant to chow down on unhealthy food when everyone else is taking smaller, healthier portions. The same concept applies to exercise. If you want your kid to go outside more, allowing his or her sibling to spend hours in front of the television is counterproductive.

If you’re unclear on what exactly is and isn’t healthy, know when to call your pediatrician. A good pediatrician knows what levels of diet and exercise are normal, as well as the signs of common ailments that can have kids feeling sluggish.

Going Out as a Group

If you want your family to continue their healthy behaviors well into the future, you need to help them develop good habits. Habits can be especially powerful for children, since their developing brains are particularly good at picking up new routines. 

Taking the family on group outings is perhaps the best way to get everyone into a new habit. As you head to the park, the climbing wall, or whatever you choose to do, you’ll give everyone a slew of new memories to look fondly upon years later. These memories alone can spark the beginnings of new habits.

While certain members of the family may complain when, for example, you’ve hiked to the limits of their comfort zone, you should try to get a sense of what everyone can comfortably do. Over time, you’ll find that you can push these limits. Remember, you should never impose your will on your family. Always do your best to make outings seem like fun occasions, rather than tedious chores.

Committing To A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle should be a lifelong commitment, not just a passing exercise in discipline. If you start to feel down or unwell, your new habits probably aren’t sustainable. Make sure you’re sending the right message about health. Good habits keep you happy, positive, and free of pesky cold and flu symptoms. 

Remember, diet is just as important as exercise, so supplement regularly with a multivitamin or immune support regimen. If you want to learn more about keeping kids healthy, check out these fun facts about common cold.