How To Find The Best Marketing Talent

Growing a company’s marketing team can be a long and winding road. Signing off on a new marketing employee is one thing, but attracting and retaining the best talent is an entirely different ballgame. 

Not only will a good marketer improve your campaigns and introduce you to new ideas, but he or she can also infuse your business with new energy and engagement. Below are some ways to increase your chances of attracting the best marketing professionals?

Have An Impactful Job Description 

You shouldn’t treat job descriptions as a last-minute addition to your marketing recruitment process. In addition to defining your company’s requirements, a killer job description can also highlight the company’s talent pool and opportunities for subsequent hires. 

Consider whether your job description would fit into any organization. This may mean you are missing out on conveying your company’s culture and why this role is so exciting. Make sure to mention in the job description any benefits you offer, such as flexible hours, holiday arrangements, or health care. Additionally, keep in mind that marketers care about details, such as campaign structure, team structure, technologies, and development opportunities. 

Finally, include information about your business, specific information about the position and what it involves, and an indication of what you anticipate of your perfect candidate in your job description, and you’ll find it much easier to attract great marketing talent.

Work Closely With A Top Tier Agency

A staffing agency such as Culver marketing staffing agency has experience evaluating creative talent and placing job candidates in digital marketing jobs and can be a tremendous resource to recruiters struggling to find and hire candidates. An organization can access pre-qualified candidates from marketing recruitment agencies, including passive candidates who are not accessible through traditional methods.

A challenge digital marketers face is the ability to recruit and retain talent. Recruitment managers must develop a plan to succeed in a labor-driven market in which resources are scarce. Developing a talent pool, creating an employer brand, and partnering with staffing agencies who specialize in digital marketing are all tools an organization can use to maximize the performance of their digital marketing team.

Employment Branding Matters

Having a strong brand when recruiting marketing talent is incredibly important for any role, but it is particularly relevant when trying to recruit the best candidates. 

As many as 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s reputation before applying, so you should be as careful about your reputation as about the responsibilities of the job. Unattractive employer brands and bad reputations will keep talent away.

Make it easy for prospective candidates to find out about working at your company. If possible, use testimonials from existing marketers on your careers page and employer videos to showcase the company culture. 

Non-Traditional Methods.

Consider candidates outside your local area when conducting your search. Hiring of remote candidates has skyrocketed in recent years. A recruiter’s reach is improved by opening up positions to remote candidates, allowing them to reach a new talent pool and new marketers.