How to Be an Awesome Dad Even When You Are Running on Empty

Having a family is fantastic, the love, memories and experiences you get will last you a lifetime. Of course, not every day will be easy or enjoyable, but parenthood is a journey, and it is one that you should try to enjoy every step of the way, no matter what gets thrown at you. Managing and juggling a family and other commitments within your life such as your job can be hard to do, and at times you may feel down, overworked, tired or just in need of a good night’s sleep, but when you are feeling low or down it is important to remember all of the positive aspects you have gong on within your life. You have to look at everything good that you have going on, and from here you can build yourself up once more, recharge your batteries, re-energize your efforts and be the best dad you can be.

Do not Be Hard on Yourself

You are doing an awesome job; your kids love you and you are handling things like a boss and this is why it is important that you are not hard on yourself. There is no such thing as a perfect dad, and we all know that superheroes do not exist, so be the best that you can and do not put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Looking at social media can be harmful and it can leave you feeling like an inadequate parent, so when you are having a rough day avoid social media at all costs, or you will end up feeling like you are failing.

Take Time Out to Look After Yourself

Even though you are a parent, it is still important that you look after yourself and that you prioritize your health and wellbeing. If you are not in tip top condition, or as good as you can be then how can you look after and deal with your children? Making yourself a priority should not leave you feeling guilty. Take time for yourself throughout the day, a few minutes here and there really adds up. Do not be averse to having a stash of quick pick me ups in the cupboard or fridge, such as energy filled nut bars, or drinks from that can refresh and revitalize you in a few minutes as they contain ingredients’ such as ginger. Having a few pick-me-ups and treats on hand can give you a boost at a time when you need it and they can ensure that you get through of the day ahead no matter what it has in store for you.

Focus On the Little Things

Often as a parent you can miss the small things in life and it is these small things that make bringing up children such great fun. Focus on enjoying those small things such as bed time stories, bath time fun and days spent dressing up as pirates and princesses. Your kids will not be little forever so it is important to cherish even the smallest things that you might normally take for granted.

Create Small but Memorable Events

Little memories are important for both you and your children. There is no rulebook or handbook to refer to for parenting but you can make even every day events special and memorable, all you need to do is be prepared to switch things up and have fun. For example, with younger children instead of eating at the table then why no go out for a teddy bears picnic, even if it is raining you can still have a teddy bear picnic on your living room floor.

Take It Day by Day

Planning is great, but sometimes you can over plan things and actually end up losing all the elements of fun that make memories great. Taking things day by day will ensure that you enjoy every day to the fullest instead of always saying maybe tomorrow. Having long-term plans is great but try and enjoy the moment and live in the moment as much as possible.

Talk To Your Children, Be Open and Be Honest

Children are not silly, and if you are feeling low or a bit down then talk to them when they ask you what is the matter. Trying to hide or cover your emotions from children is not good and will make them feel that they cannot share or show their emotions. So, never shy away from talking about what you are feeling and why. Of course, young children are still innocent and not aware of lots of emotions so shelter them from too much negativity as it is not beneficial to them and their development.

Relieve Yourself of Pressure and Stress

Extra or additional stress and pressure is not necessary in anyone’s life, especially in your life, so try and eradicate unnecessary pressure and stress where you can. Do not be afraid to speak to others and open up to a counselor. Holding in negative feelings, pressure or stress can often end up being displayed in fits of frustration or anger which are not good for your children to see. So, if you are feeling like you need to release some pent-up feelings seek assistance from a trained professional at your earliest convenience.