Hot Yoga Benefits

There are many exercises which you can work on each day that will provide you with a host of fitness benefits and yoga is one which many adore. Yoga offers an enormous range of benefits for those who practice it and there are many yoga disciplines which can be considered. One particular type of yoga which I have been doing for a number of years now is hot yoga, where they will turn the heat up in the studio to offer an altogether different form of yoga experience.

There is a raft of benefits to this kind of practice and here are just some of the advantages which you will find one that heat is cranked up.

Calorie Burning

Whilst normal yoga is certainly something that will see you burn some calories, it is more about helping you to stretch out those muscles and to loosen up the joints which can help you to burn calories in other ways. When the heat is cranked up however you are going to burn so many more calories that you will really notice the difference between standard yoga and hot yoga. On average you will burn 4 times the calories doing hot yoga as doing it under room temperature conditions.

Reduction of Injuries

If you have not warmed your muscles up properly before you begin yoga sessions then you are going to find that you risk an injury. To avoid this it is essential that your muscles are nice and warm and that you feel supple. This is exactly why hot yoga is able to support you because the heat which is given from the studio greatly helps in limbering up those muscles and giving you a nice supple feel which will help you to avoid injury.

Heart Health

When the blood is pumping and the blood is war, it is able to circulate more freely around the body. What this means for you is that you can greatly increase your heart health through the practice of warm yoga. Standard yoga is something that can really help  with your heart health, but when you do hot yoga you can get 3 times as much increase in your circulation which is going to greatly help you overall heart health. Those who do yoga have a massive reduction in risk of heart disease.

Bone Density Growth

Over the years the density of our bones can be greatly reduced, and that is something which many don’t think that we can take action against. The reality however is that you most certainly can and through hot yoga we have seen multiple studies which clearly indicate an increase in the growth of the bones. This is especially true in the neck, the hips and the lower back, which are common areas of bon density reduction. Through hot yoga we can massively reduce the impact that getting older has on our bones with regards to the reduction in that density.

If you enjoy yoga, why not give hot yoga a go?