Believe it or not, dressing up is a major part of the race day experience. Yes, we know that most people want to go really casual but in this article, we list a few things that you should wear to the races. Hope you take note and dress appropriately at the next horse racing event.

Flat Racing – Men

If you didn’t already know, a collared shirt paired with trousers and some smart shoes is the classic Flat racing attire. Some may choose to complete this look with a tie, as well as a blazer. However, this is just a personal preference and sometimes, depends on the weather.

Jumps Meetings – Men

Apparently, most Jumps meetings actually adopt a dress code depending on the weather so there is no strict dress code here. This is because, usually, most big Jumps meetings are held in the winter months. Mostly, Jumps online casino usa fans love to wear tweed. However, this is again a personal preference.

Racing Festivals – Men

Again, as with Jumps meetings, we recommend that you dress for the weather. This is unless if you happen to be lucky enough to be a corporate guest. In that guess, you will have to wear a suit.

Finally For the Ladies

Most women go to Flat race gatherings during the summer months for obvious reasons. We all know how much fun it is for ladies to get together at activities like these, dressed up in glitz and glamour. Although this is not required in most places, it appears to be the norm especial for australian online casino players . As a result, fashion is now a focal point at the most prestigious gatherings. In fact, some of these gatherings hold contests for the finest dressed attendees.

We suggest that ladies dress appropriately for the weather. That means you can’t be seen rocking stilettos in wet weather. We recommend that both gentlemen and ladies visit the racecourse websites to get guidance on what to do on that specific day.