Cannabis for Meditation: Tips and Finest Strains for Meditating

How do you define meditation in your language? Meditation gives instant relief from stress and boosts up your body’s inner peace. This meditation practice helps the mind to focus, release tension throughout the body, and positively reverse the energy. Many people achieve meditation expertise by silently working on concentration exercises at home or working on their health and mind connections with the help of yoga. But what are your thoughts on enhancing your meditation with the use of marijuana? Undoubtedly, it is true that cannabis and concentration are the ideal partners in the long run.

You have heard of many benefits that this magical plant offers, but many people certainly have forgotten the introspective utility that marijuana offers in modern meditative practices. You all must be aware that meditation requires deep concentration and focus to get a master’s. And marijuana will be your perfect partner to help you enter a new state of mind. The cannabis strain works by relaxing your body and eliminating the unwanted thoughts running in your mind, thus giving you a sense of peaceful energy. It all happens when you pair marijuana with meditation.

As meditation is becoming more significant day by day, knowing what other benefits it provides are essential. Yes, the main motive of meditation is not just to improve focus; it goes far beyond it, such as reducing stress, improving self-awareness, encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, enhancing physical health, and even boosting mortality.

Now that you are curious to try the cannabis and meditation combination, this article has put together some great information to help maximize your results. Furthermore, keep reading to get the best knowledge of the four finest marijuana strains to consume before meditating. Let’s dive into other sections.

How can cannabis be used for meditation?

As you all must be aware, the dosing of cannabis matters a lot in its effect. So, it is vital to start the process slowly. Talking about cannabis, there are many ways to consume it, either in the form of smoking or edibles. But always be sure to take minor hits 30 to 60 minutes prior to your meditating session.

Alternatively, you can also consider sublingual cannabis, which shows its effect by transferring through salivary glands. For instance, try to place cannabis at a comfortable place in your mouth, either under your tongue or between the gum and cheek. After this, you can start your relaxation meditation session. Take deep breaths in and out through your nose and mouth. You can also follow professional guidelines for meditation. Within a few minutes, your body will start reacting in a positive way as pain and tension will begin releasing. Overall, you will feel more confident and active as your mind will be free from anxiety and stress.

Choosing the right cannabis strain for meditation

Keep in mind that not all cannabis strains produce a similar effect. Some will make you feel more head-high and energetic, which sometimes, for some people, can cause anxiety and restlessness. On the other hand, some strains show minimal effect. For this reason, it becomes necessary to put your hands on the right cannabis strain. Just know that every strain is different in its own kind, and every strain reacts differently to each person.  

Best marijuana strains for meditation

Now that you have come a long way and know that marijuana strains play an essential role in providing meditation, let’s look at which strains you can use or be the ideal for you. Here are the four recommended cannabis strains for meditation:

1. Northern Light

The first one to come on this list is the northern light strain that is popular for its sedating and dreamy euphoria. Being a heavy tranquilizing effector, this strain is still the first choice while practicing yoga and other active forms of meditation. Northern light is an Indica, THC-dominant strain. The name of this strain is famous because of its tension-releasing and sleep aid effects.

As this strain has myrcene (herbal), caryophyllene (pepper), and limonene (citrus) terpenes, this strain can come in effect to wind down. If you are looking for a strain that will calm your thoughts and shed the impact of a long day, northern strain is a perfect choice. Moreover, this strain will never step back in bringing a sense of mental and physical peace to your whole body.

2. Harlequin Strain

Harlequin strain is a Sativa-dominant strain known for its role in enhancing meditation. This strain will introduce a balance between physical relaxation and mental focus, thus making it effective to remain clear-headed and alert throughout the day. In addition, this strain has an earth-like musk and sweet mango taste and smell in the air. Harlequin strain has other medicinal properties that alleviate symptoms of pain and anxiety. Putting your hand on this strain will be the best decision ever because this strain can ease your mind toward the blank state of higher responsiveness.

3. White Runtz Strain   

How many of you perform meditation to feel energetic and refreshing? Most of you will say yes! And that’s what can be called meditation. White runtz strain effects go well beyond its pungent diesel-like aroma. Its resinous oil glands make this strain a superstar choice. Talking about the type, it is a potent hybrid strain of Gelato and Zkittlez. One crucial fact about this particular strain is that it helps to relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain, anxiety, and stress.

Meditating is all about relaxation, freeing your mind, and achieving inner peace. Therefore, if you want to elevate your meditation practices, white runtz strain will provide this feeling ideally. Furthermore, not to mention, its taste and potency are delightful. The main reason for it as a people-loving strain is that it produces long-lasting effects that are soothing and refreshing.   

4. Duct Tape Strain

If you feel low and burst with stress, you need to try this strain. It is like magic to your body. The composition of terpenes makes this strain a perfect product. Moreover, In talk related to meditation, after consuming this strain, you will literally feel so relaxed like you are taking a brainstorming session. When this strain is smoked, it offers cheese, earthy, and piney flavors that combine to create a pungent smell that offers remarkable benefits. You all should hit like this strain because it feels so much lighter.

Furthermore, this strain is a solace for those affected by stress. Dependability and flexibility are the two unique terms that are popular and make duct tape strain a worth-intensive choice.  

Final thought

Just like sports and creative art, meditation comes with practice. You need to adopt meditation as a habit for it to be effective. Meditating under the influence of cannabis gives you more surprising results. Hope you liked the article! To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, start including cannabis to improve your journey of meditation to success.