5 Healthy Nighttime Habits to Start in 2023

It’s nearly midnight, and you’re wide awake getting information on how to repair the bricks on your home from Brickworks. It’s not uncommon for you to be awake well into the early morning hours. Yet, you want to try and incorporate some healthier nighttime habits. We’re here to help with offering you 5 healthy nighttime habits to start in 2023.

Cut Back on the Alcohol

You might be in the habit of ending a long day with a glass of wine, but that might not be the healthiest choice for you. While enjoying alcohol every so often isn’t completely harmful, you want to make sure you don’t develop the habit of drinking every night. Alcohol is a depressant and also has been shown to negatively impact your quality of sleep (even in small amounts). If you’re looking to adopt healthier bedtime routines, it might be time to take alcohol out of the picture.

Limit Social Media

If you’re used to scrolling TikTok before you drift off to sleep, it might be time to turn off the phone. Social media is designed to be addictive, and in turn this often causes us to stay up well past when we intended to fall asleep. Social media also has a slew of negative effects on our mental health which could also contribute to trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.  

Incorporate Yoga or Meditation

One of the easiest ways to relax both your body and mind is to practice yoga or meditation. Meditation has been shown to improve sleep quality, lower blood pressure, minimize negative feelings, and help manage your stress. Yoga has similar benefits as its practice is designed to connect body and mind through a series of flows or positions. If you find yourself struggling to calm your anxious mind before bed, check out a guided meditation or yoga practice to help put you at ease for a good night’s rest.

Journal It Out

Journaling is a great way to express yourself and externally process what you’ve been feeling and thinking that day. While journaling is beneficial anytime of the day, it’s a healthy habit you could incorporate into your nighttime routine. Writing out what’s on your mind helps you to release any tension or worries from inside. You’re essentially letting it all go on paper. Instead of feeling trapped inside a loophole of unconscious thinking, you’re shining a light onto the unconscious.

Avoid Mindless Snacking

Many people find themselves snacking more once it’s time to relax for the evening. It’s all too easy to grab a bag of chips or a packet of cookies while you watch your favorite Netflix series. Most people turn on “comfort shows” when they’re ready to go to bed – this means shows that are familiar to them. Research shows that the more you watch familiar, soothing TV programs – the more likely you are to mindlessly eat which leads to overconsumption. Keep this mind the next time you turn on your comfort show and try to keep the snacks away!