5 Tips for Working in the Midst of Chaos

As great as it looks sitting on the beach with a laptop getting one work done in paradise, most of working on the road involves getting your hustle on in the middle of absolute chaos. This could be a busy Starbucks, a crazy train in India with at least 50% more people than should be there or perhaps even in the hotel with screaming kids, there is always some level of chaos which surrounds you and if you want to ensure that you can work, you have to get used it and learn to get things done in spite of the madness, and here is how.

Classical Music

More often than not I wear earphones with no music playing, they serve well for people to leave me alone when I am working, although believe me there are some rude people who will still attempt to speak to you, weird. Anyhoo, something which I do enjoy and helps to take me out of the chaos is listening to classical music, soothing, calming and great to work to .

Meditate First

Before you leave the hotel, if you are already anticipating some level of madness outside, I would highly recommend that you do some meditation first, as this is great for centering the mind and giving you some real focus. I have to be honest I would recommend this at any time, not just for the chaos.


The key to working well is focus and that is why I will also look to use a strategy called the pomodoro technique, a very simple way of timed working. Basically what you need to do is work for 25 minutes at a time, and then break for 5 minutes, you do his 4 times before having a 30 minute break and then do another 4 stints. Working for 25 mins is so easy and the time really flies by, a quick break for a pee or a drink and then back on it, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Find the Rhythm

Sometime there is just no other option but to keep pushing on until you eventually find the rhythm, and it often will come after a bit of hard work. Try to not allow your frustrations to get the best of you and just put write the next word or send the next email, eventually you will get there.

Forget it

Completing 2 hours worth of work in 4 hours is not even in the slight bit efficient and if you have tried to work through the chaos to find your rhythm and it just isn’t working, then leave it and do it at another time. I am more than happy to drop work if the situation around me isn’t conducive to working, as long as I have a plan on where and how I can get to it later.

What are your top tips for working in the midst of chaos? I’d love to hear them so feel free to get in touch in the comments section below.