The Best New and Not-So-New Travel Blogs for 2012

Update: the 2013 winners have been announced here:

Best of 2013: Travel Blogs Worth Reading


In November, I asked for submissions of new travel blogs, started in 2011. I wanted to curate a list of the best 100. Only problem was: of 168 of them, at least 100 of them were older than 2011 (ha! nice try) or no longer updated now (just two months later!) or really not focused enough to be considered a travel blog. There were a lot of blogs submitted, but I only could find 48 that met the criteria.

Oops. Okay so my Top 100 Travel Blogs of 2011 idea was ambitious, and as it turns out, impossible. I decided to change tack.

I went through the list and pulled out what I considered to be the stand outs. The surprising, the quirky, the beautiful, the just plain good.

I’ve put those first, because I think it’s important to highlight new talent. And I’m hoping that they’ll take care of me when I’m old and in my travel blogging retirement years. Feed me pureed peaches and read to me from my Twitter stream, that kind of thing.

Then, since I’ve completely screwed the pooch on the original concept, I decided to curate an equal list of what I think are the best travel blogs overall. Same thing. Blatant attempt to curry favor with people who hopefully will invite me to their movie premiere or book signing or their first moon expedition (sponsored by G Adventures, naturally) or wherever their talent may take them.

So that’s it. 8 of the best new travel blogs in 2011. 8 of the best travel blogs overall. My reading list for 2012.

Real people. Really cool sites. Best list ever. (In my humble opinion, but please tell me if you agree.)

Best New Travel Blogs in 2011:

Fly Away Birdie

Sandstone and Amber

So Many Places

Captain and Clark

Homeless and Confused

Living If

Where My Toothbrush

Spanish Sabores

Best Overall for 2011:

None of these blogs were started in 2011, but they are consistently good blogs that I love.  If you don’t love at least one of these blogs, then you are not human.  In fact, have you taken the psychopath test?  See #7.  Unless you’re just #4.




Snaps & Blabs

Aviators and a Camera

Inside the Travel Lab

100 Miles Highway

Hungry Ghost Food and Travel


  1. Oh goody, some of these are new to me. I will check them out!

  2. Holy cow! I’m not sure how or why I made it on to this list, except perhaps for the fact that maybe you are as crazy as me (awesome) or that I now owe you money (not awesome). Either way, you’ve guaranteed yourself some pureed peaches in your future.

  3. Yay, thank you so much. I am thrilled to be on your list and will feed you pureed peas any day. I’m also thrilled to investigate some blogs on your list that I’ve never visited before (I swear I thought I knew them all by now). My day is completely made!

  4. Made my day and I’ve not even got out of bed yet…

    And what lovely company to be keeping, “old” and new. Thank you Christine!

    Bird x

  5. Nice job…on most of these “best of” lists I’m already familiar with all the blogs, but you managed to toss in a few new ones for me…thanks:)

  6. First off, thanks so much! 🙂 Just bookmarked this post to make my way through all of them… I love to find new good reads!!

  7. Wow, thanks! My day is made (and it was pretty damned good to start with). Shine on y’all crazy diamonds. 🙂

  8. We are so honored and grateful to have made the list. There are some blogs on here that we follow religiously and I have a feeling that list is about to grow. Thank you for including us!

  9. Big fan of Where’s My Toothbrush? Chick is hilaaarious. Now to check out the others!

  10. By the way, y’all are *so* invited to the movie premiere. Even if I have to steal the tickets.

  11. So what you’re saying is, basically I just have to read you bedtime stories of 140 characters or less, and in exchange, you become my travel-blog mentor, convince me that Klout is not a venereal disease, and explain the importance of posts under 1000 words?

    I don’t know Christine, but it seems like I’m coming out on top with this one.

    Regardless who got the sweeter end of the bargain, thanks for including me! 🙂

  12. Christine, thank you *so* much for this totally unexpected recognition! Great company to be in, indeed, and I look forward to discovering all the exciting blogs you found =)

  13. Christine –

    I am truly honored and humbled and shocked and positively tickled to be on this list. Thank you so much. Let’s grow old together, and complain about how kids today are disrespectful and how rock music is played too loudly in restaurants.

  14. I wish I was prepared for this and had a suitable sprinkled with sharp humor speech for this moment, but instead I am just sitting here shaking and grinning like a lunatic and there is nothing dignifying about that.
    Thank you, Christine. I mean it, thank you.

    • Oh, boy.
      This should have read:
      “I am deeply humbled. Thank you so much for the recognition, Christine”

  15. Thanks for the mention Christine! I’m looking forward to checking out those now sites too – Sarah’s is hilarious and I can’t wait to delve into her archives. Have a good rest of the week in Beijing… and CALL JOEL! 😉

  16. Wow, I haven’t heard of many of those at all. Thanks for the list. My family is pissed at you though as now I am determined to read even more blog posts everyday:0

  17. I can’t believe it, ALL of these are new to me! I’m not sure if I’m more excited (I love your blog… so surely I’ll love the blogs that you love, right?), or annoyed (now I have to go through all these and pick a few to pay attention to in my RSS, which is already packed full of travel blogs)!

    • Oh, I suppose I could at least say “Thank You” for putting in all the effort to narrow it down to 16 🙂

  18. nice list! I’ll submit my blog next time around. In comparison to all these it’s still a baby! Thanks

  19. Since I just started my travel blog last week, I’m excited to read all these. And, if you’re looking for someone to mentor, just tell me where the signup sheet is located!

  20. I love homeless and confused travel blog. It has very informative articles on travel to almost anywhere. Travel bloggers are a real inspiration since they sacrifice to have no life to bring you info on places to go.

  21. I really wanted to be on this list 😀 I’ll just enjoy discovering these new blogs instead. Thanks for sharing.

  22. This is just about the only list like this I’ve seen that actually introduced me to quite a few new blogs, so thanks for that! We hope our site will be cool/widely known enough to rank on lists like this someday.

  23. Wow! Thank you for the mention Christine! I already read a lot of the blogs listed and am really excited to check out the others. You’ve been an inspiration and required reading for me over the past year, and I never expected you’d even take a look at my little old blog! 🙂

  24. Elizabeth Keough

    Snaps & Blabs is so awesome – glad it is getting more notice!

  25. thank you so much for including hungry ghost on this list! i will puree peaches for you anytime. x

  26. Gulp! I feel as though I’ve just won a travel blogging Oscar. THANK YOU! Space reserved on the space shuttle with dehydrated peaches at the ready…Cheers!

  27. Whoops… I probably should have mentioned when I nominated myself that my archives go back so far because I uploaded my old blog’s posts!

    Oh well, my other nomination, Where is my Toothbrush, made it! So I’m happy I have good taste in new travel blogs 🙂

  28. Great list of travel blogs! I ahve recently started one called The Yin and Yang of Travelling if anyone wants to have a browse…any feedback would be greatly appreciated…:)

  29. Great list of travel blogs! I have recently started one called The Yin and Yang of Travelling if anyone wants to have a browse…any feedback would be greatly appreciated…:)

  30. Wow some of these blogs are pretty new with extremely low traffic. I’d love to have my blog The Stingy Traveller on your list.

  31. This is a great list. I’m familiar with many of them, but will definitely be checking out others. Perhaps my new site will make the next list!

  32. Great list thanks so much for sharing these, even more to add to our growing number of travel blogs to follow.

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  35. thank you so much for including hungry ghost on this list! It has very informative articles on travel to almost anywhere. Travel
    bloggers are a real inspiration since they sacrifice to have no life to
    bring you info on places to go.i will share it with my friends after my niagara falls canadian side.