I have been asked by a good friend of mine to write down the six humbling aspects of traveling with an infant, and when I sat down to make the list, it took me around 5 seconds to finish it up. There are so man reasons why I would recommend traveling with an infant and yes, it is the humbling moments which are some of the very best. Without further ado then, here are 6 of the most humbling aspects of having an infant on the road.

Make The Mundane Seem Amazing

Us travelers see so many amazing things that it is easy to miss those little details which are right beneath our nose. We were in Mexico City, stopped at a traffic light and a street performer came out, I hadn’t even noticed to be fair, all of a sudden laughter erupts from the back of the car, I look forward to see a hilarious old man juggling on a unicycle, nothing rare, just hilarious, and without kids I’d never have seen it.

Make The Amazing Seem Mundane

Similarly, kids can also destroy something in a heartbeat and that is what happened when we went to visit Teotihuacan in Mexico City. This is an ancient city with much of it still preserved, and some small portions rebuilt. Upon hearing that it was rebuilt, my youngest asked if we could go, I asked why, and he said because this pyramid is fake, it was built 5 years ago, I have to say, he had a point.

No Borders

It will never not fill my heart with joy the way that kids just meet, look at each other, and start to play. There are no boundaries, there is no judgement, there is no skin color or language, just humans interacting with one another on the most basic of levels, and there is a real beauty in that.


Kids are just oblivious to the stresses and the pressures of travel, and sometimes I look at them in my most stressful moments and their attitude just makes me feel so much more relaxed, why do I get stressed when they are not? This of course only works on occasion, because in reality there is a need for stress, those little breaks are nice though.


My oldest went through a stage where he would remind people what they looked like ‘you’re tall… you’ve got red hair… your eyes are big’. I used to scold him a little of course, the last thing I needed was a ‘you’re brown’ or something which would have the PC brigade on my back. Whilst this was socially not too acceptable, it’s a nice reminder of how the brain actually works and that identifying people by look is perfectly normal, contrary to what many would have us believe.

Go With The Flow?

I have to be honest, as an adult traveler I often find myself in situations which I don’t really want to be in, which I only agreed to in order to make someone else happy. Kids on the other hand, well they’ll tell you right away ‘I don’t want to’. This is something which I think us adults should do a bit more of.