I don’t mean this to sound in the slightest bit condescending but there is something truly incredible about watching someone travel for the first time and watching someone discover those feelings which travel is able to evoke.

I have experienced this with friends and strangers and it is never any less magical to watch. I know this feeling very well because I went through it and what I always find amazing is that although you may have been on vacation before, things are different when you start to ‘travel’ and no matter how much you plan or what you expect, actually doing it will always surprise you emotionally and that is what very often changes people positively in the way that only travel can.

Repeat Emotions

One reason why I love to see this is because it brings forward the emotions which I had when I was just learning to discover travel, and it turns out that the mind has a great memory for those emotions. Whilst this is never completely the same of course, it is something which is so lovely to feel and it is a different emotion from the first time round because you are feeling great yourself and you are happy for someone else.

Stark Contrast

For most people who I have seen go through this discovery it is not the actual traveling that puts such a smile on their face, but the fact that their new life just differs so much from their old life,  that is what is most special about this. My heart so often breaks when I hear people talk to me about how miserable they are in their jobs, how they dread Monday morning and how they don’t like anyone they work with. The inner me wants to scream at them to do something about it and take control of their life, but I can’t be like that because I used to be there, I used to be that person and although I knew that I had to make a change, it took an awful long time for me to actually break the shackles and do it.

Taking it in Stride

It sounds awful but you can occasionally get to a point where you find that you are taking travel in your stride and that you are far less impressed by things as you once were, which is a very dangerous place to get to. In order to snap yourself out of this the perfect answer is to watch someone discover travel and that will allow you to rediscover those emotions. In doing this you will get some of that spark back when you travel because it helps to remind you not to take this incredible experience for granted, something which so many of us can be guilty of doing.

Have you experience of watching someone discover travel, what was your own experience like? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.