Yes, Mexico is Extremely Dangerous



  1. Carmel Montgomery

    I’ll have nightmares about this. Oh wait, no, I meant, dreams.

  2. I kind of need you to stop dangling this stuff in front of me… at least, you know, until I’m there too.

  3. Nikole Garcia

    Brilliant! So dangerous that I’m daydreaming about having your life!

  4. Dangerous to my job’s security (as in, how long they’ll have me roped to this desk) you mean?

    LOVED it!! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great one to send to concerned friends & family as we talk about Mexico as a destination – thanks:)

  6. i was expecting a rant about how unsafe Mexico is – as so many Americans claim, when we had an amazing time over there and loved it – we travelled there for over a month – so was really pleased to find all your beautiful and colourful photos. it’s an amazing place.

  7. Love the pics! (Looks like you’re in PV? I didn’t get to walk the beach there as we only drove by (was mostly in Bucerias) but I can see this looks quite nice!). How wonderful for the kids not to have to be all bundled up against cold weather (like we are having in the PNW). Very cool.

    • Yes it was all Puerto Vallarta. We like to walk the malecon (the boardwalk the runs along the beach from downtown to the romantic zone) with Cole so he can ride his bike and then we go swimming in the Rio Cuale with all the local kids — it’s his favorite spot to swim and it’s this little oasis of Mexicans in the middle of a very touristy area — everyone sits under the bridge on the river bank, and eats the picnic lunch while their kids swim. Love it there.

  8. I don’t say this very often, but what a fantastic “photo essay”. Thanks for sharing it, C.

  9. The color in the sky you got from the statue shots is incredible! Where you using a polarizing filter on your lens at all?

  10. It’s so dangerous that when I went I felt safer than I do back home. Looks beautiful 🙂

  11. I clicked on expecting a snarky Onion-style article like one I wrote a couple years ago and got this pleasant post. Pictures say 1,000 words and yours said many more! We are in Mexico for 3 months, and it has surpassed our expectations, which were very high prior to! Cheers.

  12. Danny Delnison

    Wow!!! So “dangerous” !!!
    But i love it – DANGER !!! Dead for it is that well 😀

  13. Alma Celina Clark

    Hi Christine,

    I came across this post while browsing the net. This is such a great post and experience with kids. I remember how it was when I travel with my kids when they were such tiny people …I miss those days. As now they travel with girlfriends and friends. 🙁

    I have never been to Mexico, but seeing how great the place is with your awesome photos and how your kids enjoyed every minute of it, I might push through with my plan next year and that is to visit the place (crossing my fingers)!

    I am actually involved in a website ( that is currently on its development process which will be focused mainly on giving information to Mexico travelers that will help them ease the planning. So I hope that when it is up and live , you’ll check it out and would love to share your experiences to our users.

    Thanks Christine for sharing this!