In lieu of a post about our time on the beautiful island of Santorini, Greece, I made this short video of time lapses recorded around the island — I always do the photography but this is the first time that I did all the editing, with my husband standing over my shoulder saying things like, “click that, no not that, do that thing, with the thing, oh god, just let me.. wait, there, yes. Okay, yeah that.” (If you can’t view the video below, see it on youtube):

Let me know what you think! Should we do more videos like this?


I also wanted to write a quick note thanking everyone for the amazing support and emails I’ve received about last week’s post. I was a bit nervous to post it, I suppose there’s a certain fear that I’ll forever be viewed through the lens of what I’ve experienced. Instead, I received these beautiful, moving responses, and it was such a gift. So, thank you. It’s been one of my most positive experiences as a writer. That’s no small thing.