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In two weeks we’re on the road again.  So long Vermont, hello open road.  I’ve given some hints about our next destinations, but here’s a sneak preview.

We’re driving to South America.

We will be taking the dogs, whatever we can fit in the trunk, and heading south.  Why?  Well much as my travel plans have shaped the way I travel, this trip is the perfect solution for what we want right now.

1.  We want to become fluent in Spanish. I am seriously not leaving until I can communicate effectively in Spanish.  I thought 3 months in Madrid would do it, but not even close.  This time?  Spanish classes in each country as we go and absolutely no speaking in English (except to our families back home).

2.  It’s cheap. Europe was pretty expensive, given our reduced means.  We lived as cheaply as possible, avoided dipping into savings, but we’re not adding anything either.  Six months in Mexico, Central America and South America should fix that.

3.  We want to go slower. Traveling for a week to Paris is great, but it’s not enough time.  By driving down, stopping to rent a place for a few weeks or a month, we get to experience the places we like for longer and skip those that don’t offer what we want.

4.  We really like Spanish culture. This trip will let us see more of it than if we just flew from country to country. 

5.  The dogs get to come with me everywhere! Instead of waiting for me in the apartment, they get to travel down with us.  Will this be a headache during border crossings?  Probably.  Will having Jack and Molly wake me up with licks in Argentina be worth it?  Absolutely.

More to come this week, like “How the heck are you going to get your car past Panama ?” and “Are you going to drive the WHOLE time?  Where will you be staying?”  and my favorite, “Won’t you get robbed/stabbed/killed/kidnapped?  Did I mention stabbed?”