It’s not like Burgundy is not charming, it’s just that after biking across most of France, through some of the more popular destinations, and after spending days and by now weeks, looking at white cows, green rolling farmland and flat stretches of empty rural highways, well, we were a little done. It rained a lot in our third week, drenching us completely one day, then keeping us slightly damp for the rest of the days. I started listening to my iPhone while biking. The stretches were long, as much as 90 km between major towns, with tiny little empty shells of villages along the way, the tabac-bar-restaurant closed, the church bells ringing on the hour, the parks empty.


My soundtrack for much of this stretch was Kesha’s Warrior album, which I somehow had from a previous attempt at starting to run again. Damn that girl motivates me. We did 75 – 90 km days. When we started, we would spend four hours to do 25, now I was cranking that out three times over.


I didn’t take many photos but Drew and I both came out of this week with crystal clear plans for the next two years. It cleared our heads. Apparently we needed this.


I am also feeling so strong. I lifted Cole out of the trailer and I did it so hard I ripped his shirt. I can practically throw the kids around now. I’ve lost five inches each on my chest, my waist and my hips. I saw my face in the mirror for the first time in a week and I didn’t recognize myself. My face is tanned and thinner. There are cheekbones emerging. My double chin has faded. There’s laugh lines around my eyes and my teeth look so white. I haven’t drank coffee, soda or alcohol at all on this trip, not out of design but just a lack of access. I feel good.



We biked 445 km this week, wild camped the entire way, got drenched, couldn’t find internet, lounged in whatever sun we could get and put most of France behind us. There’s no more tourists, we seem to be the only people in the world doing this route. Next up, Switzerland.

Total: 1197 km