33 Weeks


Location: Bucerias, Mexico

Just seven more weeks of salt-free, oatmeal-chugging, smoothie-slushing, baby-lugging left to go.  I had my blood pressure checked this morning and it dropped 15 points in one week.  Thank you Quaker Rolled Oats.  Which takes me out of the normal but high-normal range and puts me right in the totally normal range, meaning I might be able to avoid a c-section this time! Yay! (I’m okay however the baby comes, really, but last time it took me most of six weeks to recover, so you know…).

I’m thinking about switching to full-on Spanish for when this baby arrives, especially after this morning Cole said, “pescador” without blinking an eye (he was repeating me).  I will have to brush up a lot of vocab I don’t know, like “Cole, please don’t poke the dog in the eye” or “Drew, you left your iPhone in the freezer” — you know, the basics.

By the way, the above picture is what happens when you tell your geeky husband that he can draw on your belly.  I’m just glad it’s not a full sized Avengers poster or something.


  1. Jen Starr

    strong work on the BP – 15 points is a lot!!!

  2. Love the belly drawing 🙂
    I am at 9 months postpartum and still rocking the daily oatmeal. It does wonders for breast milk supply! I am envious of all your smoothies though. Ahhhh fruit in tropical and subtropical countries is so much better than the cardboard imitations you can buy at Safeway here in Canada.

  3. Wish you all the best, Christine!
    I’ve been reading you for a longtime – you’re ones of those who inspired me to quit my job, and travel around the world with my daugther (now with 5) and my husband.
    By now, I just miss a belly like yours 🙂
    Take care and good luck!

  4. From my studies in languages/kids/blablabla, I learnt that some (french?) linguistics say that a kid have to practise (listen/talk/interact/live) 33% of his time in a language to be able to learn and know it pretty well. But 33% of real life (which includes poking the dog and loosing a mobile phone).
    Enjoy it (in fact enjoy your last week as a family of 3, enjoy spanish, and oat smoothie)

  5. I just turned to Shaun and said, “This is how you know our friends are nerds.”

    I LOVE IT. I think Shaun would totally attack me with a Sharpie if/when the day comes.

    Almost there Christine! We’re rooting for ya!

  6. Love the drawing Drew! Hope THAT goes viral. Ingenious. Seriously Ingenious.

    Thinking of you Christine, et. all. Hope the next 7 weeks go smoothly and that you can quickly enjoy some nice, salty fresh fish and salsa. I tried the oatmeal in the smoothie thing – LOVE!

  7. “I’m just glad it’s not a full sized Avengers poster”

    What? That would have been awesome 🙂

  8. Kudos on the blood work numbers!! Juicing works wonders as well. What’s your next destination in Mexico?

  9. Seriously considering getting an empty battery tattoo-ed on my belly in preparation for future pregnancies… inspired!

  10. Genious!! Love it! Now all we need is a pic of your new born bub with “download complete” written on him/her. Kidding… All the best guys 🙂

    • I had to download the photo and re-upload it – some issue with WordPress, perhaps?

  11. I love the pic! And I love your writing! Don’t forget to update the location in your bio