Wee! Medical Stuff…

Hey Guys,


Okay you know when you could just ignore stuff and eventually it would go away? Well, I officially passed that milestone. Wee! I’ve had some on-going issues since my c-section and I’m checking into the hospital on Monday and hopefully we can get it sorted.


Normally I would just woefully neglect my blog but I’m feeling all responsible and stuff. I’m okay. Just out of commission for a little bit.


Which is good for you, you guys can all catch up on DuoLingo while I’m gone. Just don’t gloat. Too much.


I’ll be back soon!




  1. Trishia Jacobs

    Your fans will be waiting:) Hope you’re good as new ASAP.

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog and I’m sorry to enter on such bad news but thank you for introducing me to DuoLingo

  3. Jen AdventureSmith

    Oh no – hope you feel better soon. Make sure you take it easy

  4. explatLondon

    Feel better soon and let everyone take care of you 🙂