We’re packing up the house, leaving Mexico tomorrow (hahahaha, um, we hope) and driving across to Texas before flying out to Barcelona. Couple of quick updates:

ONE: I’m running a workshop in Barcelona from May 5-9th and I just had a cancellation so there is now ONE TICKET available. The group is small, just 8-10 people in any of my workshops, so it’s really hands on, and super fun. I get extremely positive feedback after each one, but for me, I just love meeting people and talking about creative stuff. If you can jaunt over to Barcelona and make it, this one ticket is being sold at 50% off. It’s a five day workshop and includes full lifetime access to my online course materials and follow up skype and email support with me!


TWO: I have scheduled out the dates for two more workshops for this fall. BOSTON and PORTLAND! Wee! I am so excited but I think these dates will fill up really fast. I did a short early bird discount if you register before May 1st.



THREE: Did you know I run an online workshop/course about blogging? I do. It’s here. If you sign up for the unlimited program and use the discount code “almost” it’s crazy cheap. I set it to expire on May 1st. Go to the enroll page, pick the unlimited level and enter the discount code to see the price..

FOUR: Thank you guys for following along… I can’t wait to take photos of Europe this summer and I’m already dreaming of the food.

FIVE: Anyone in Barcelona? Want to get a drink? Drop me a line, especially looking to make new friends and those with young children!