Twitter for Travelers

Twitter for Travelers

As a traveler, my tweets are often aligned with where I’m going next, where I should go, or how I’m getting there. However it wasn’t until I put out a tweet last fall about taking a bus from Cancun, Mexico to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala that I suddenly got it. Within moments, six other travelers who had taken a similar route were advising me. They looked up schedules and helped me decipher the bus terminal codes. The directed me to a tiny website that specialized in the exact bus route I would need to take. The owner of that site contacted me. In the end I got the answer I needed. What had taken me hours of research online was completed in less than 20 minutes on Twitter. I knew this was a new way to travel.

This ebook is for travelers, regardless of your destination. I have included tips for everyone, including:

• Business Traveler (check out the expense reporting and hotel sections)
• Backpacker (lots of resources to make things even cheaper)
• High Tech Travelers (yes, you can water your plants with a tweet)
• Two Week Vacationer (super easy to find those deals)
• The Expat (connect with folks where you are)
• And Everyone Else (now you can talk directly to travel experts)

Twitter for Travelers, 49 pages. Adobe PDF

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