The Trip Is Over – Time To Dress Up My Husband

Not my husband, though I’m positive this is how he would like to be dressed.

With the bicycle trip behind us, we are looking towards a rapidly approaching fall. Because we traveled as light as humanly possible, we now have massive gaps in our wardrobes. We are basically down to two changes of clothes each (the kids have more options, their clothes are smaller). This is a problem, but a welcome one.

The upside to several weeks in a row of daily cardio that lasts upwards of 4-8 hours means that both Drew and I have lost a ton of weight. Drew insisted that if he got down to a certain weight, he would give me the reigns of choosing his replacement clothes – I essentially get control of how to dress my husband.

peter-hahn-jumper-in-100-new-milled-wool-missing-415018_CAT_M_060814_172655This should be fun.

We are in Romania at the moment, and Drew was immediately charmed by how the real locals dressed. on our bus from Timisoara to Sibiu, an older gentleman sitting in front of us sported a green felt peasant’s hat. I nudged Drew.

“You need to get this guy’s hat!”

“I know! I was just thinking the same thing!”

Oops. I was just kidding. I mean, I’m sure he would wear it well, but just… no. Thankfully, I’m in charge.

So I am pouring over lookbooks to decide on what I want. I have a pretty solid idea, most of the catalogue from works. Something clearly adult, without being too stiff?




Drew, for his part, is totally on board. It’s not as if I’m a tyrant or anything, if he put his foot down that he absolutely hated something I wanted to get for him, I wouldn’t put my foot down. I want him to enjoy what he’s wearing, and really, I think he’s happy to allow me to make these choices. It saves him the worry that comes from going out into the world to buy something and potentially coming home with something I’m not thrilled about. This way, he knows I like what he’s wearing, and I try not to abuse this new, glorious power/responsibility combo.




Above photo by Simon Helle Nielsen