It’s really hard to stay fit. At least for women. Or at least for women like me. Let’s dive into to some gross generalities here. Drew travels around India for three weeks and loses 15 pounds. I travel around India and gain 15 lbs mostly from the heavy curry dishes that I become addicted to, then I lose 15 lbs from dissentary, which I regain in Greece from the heavy foods I become addicted to.

Drew has basically stayed the same weight, maybe about twenty pounds lighter than when we started. I’ve slowly been gaining weight — at a clip of about 1 lb a month. I also had two kids, yes, but something about this lifestyle doesn’t agree with me.

Maybe it’s recipes like this.

In Thailand, the food is so delicious and so fresh, but there’s no such thing as a salad street vendor. They use oil and fat and fry everything, because most of them are much more active than me, a writer who’s either tied to her laptop writing, or editing photos, or tied to the bed with a nursing baby. In Beirut, they eat lots of veggies, of course, but also pate and cheese and breads and oh god the fresh baked goods. The number one ad I saw online when I was in Beirut was for weight loss. China? Forget it, I don’t really know when I’ve eaten more oil than our winter in Beijing last year.

Ooh street food!

I am hardly complaining. It was all delicious which is part of the problem really. How to you manage your weight on the road if you’re not blessed with a teenager’s metabolism and you’re traveling and this literally might be the only time in your life that you get to eat this thing, this horrifyingly decadent thing, whatever it happens to be?

This is the year I figure this out. How do you eat healthy and reasonably (read: let’s aim for JUST 2000 cal a day, shall we?) and maintain some kind of fitness program? How do you go jogging everyday when there’s no where safe to run? How do you eat healthy when you don’t have a kitchen? How do you count calories when you can’t even read the labels?

Last week, I was talking a bit about having the baby blues, with my now almost three month old, and I have been changing my diet and trying to get some activity in (I’m still healing from my c-section, so there’s some rebuilding there) but one thing I’ve noticed is that maybe I’m not even eating enough. I felt sleepy and sluggish then I drank a big mango / strawberry / oatmeal smoothie and I felt great. Renewed! Fortified!

Could half the problem just be the bad habits of travel? Not eating regular meals, skipping breakfast, not getting enough fruits and veggies and when I do eat, too many heavy dishes?

OMG tacos!

I know I can’t be the only one. My facebook, twitter and instagram feeds are filled with pictures of what other travelers are eating. Yeah it looks really good, but real human beings can’t eat like that every day, can they? And who is doing cardio in their hotel room or running through the rice paddies in Bali? I want to know.

Stay tuned, I want to talk about this more. But first, I want to hear from you… how do you stay fit on the road? Or do you? Have I just lost all cool points for even admitting this? I am seriously not 21 anymore, on so many levels.