We have no idea how this is going to work. Thankfully we’re doing a test run this week up the coast of Spain, in Costa Brava. I emailed the Girona tourism board about our trip and they offered us bikes to use for the week, which is perfect, because we can test the baby trailer with two kids (one child 4, the other 15 months) and see what else we’ll need before we buy our bikes.


I’ve read that the trailer is actually safer than the rear mounted seat because if you get hit by a car, the trailer disengages and you’re less likely to send your child flying through the air with your bike. I have some concerns about it, namely when we buy ours I want to put a big orange reflective sticker on the back and maybe have one of those flags so it can be seen. But for this week, it’ll be fine, the biking here is so ideal, it’s a very easy place to start. There’s hardly any cars, lots of trails, and plenty of beautiful coastline to check out.

camping in La Siesta, in Costa Brava, Spain #incostabrava

Ah but what about our stuff? Well we got two backpacks, a 28 L and a 40 L and it’s just barely enough room for our laptops, clothes and art supplies. JUST BARELY. The 28 L bag is so heavy with all the computer gear. We’re going to have to find a way to mount it to the bike, but it was critical to us to have a way to remove our valuables from the bike and walk around town, so we went the backpack route, rather than a second trailer or panniers.

What have we learned so far? We will definitely need panniers anyway, those bags that sit either on the front or back tire, so we can store the things we don’t have room for, like the toiletries and kitchen gear. Also since we’re staying at camp grounds with bungalows for this portion of the trip, we haven’t needed our camping gear, but that will have to go on the bikes too: one tent, four sleeping bags, plus some blankets. So we’re pretty far from figuring this all out, but at least we’re getting an idea of how much we can carry and how heavy the bike feels with what we have so far.

camping in La Siesta, in Costa Brava, Spain #incostabrava

Oh and the best piece of gear? This 10 W solar charger that will recharge our laptops, iPhones and cameras as we go, as long as we get 12 hours of sun a day. It’s so awesome. I didn’t even know that they existed until I started following Darren Alff’s biking blog. I was going to buy one, but saw they run a monthly contest (you can enter too! look at their website for details) and I won the 10 w laptop charger, normally $339 (I never win things! Yay!). Between this and Girona tourism offering us bikes for the week we were like: woah now we have to do this.

This thing is amazing!

Of course, like all epic adventures, this one started with mishaps, in our case it was rain, cold, cold rain. So we stayed inside for the first two days. And ate paté:


More actual biking, coming soon.