Six weeks until the Sundance deadline.  Drew, here, writing today’s post, because Christine puking up bananas in the bathroom.  More on that in a bit.

Holy mother of God, time is going by too quickly, and both of us have become consumed with The Wireless Generation. If there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we are too busy making sure one foot is placed firmly in front of the other to look ahead that far. It has become equal parts excruciating and amazing.

This week, Christine decided to pry the project from my cold, dead hands and take a machete to my work. That sounds like a horrible, awful thing to do to someone, but this was always the plan. Throughout the process, she has been a true producer, managing milestones, making big picture decisions and providing guidance when I got stuck somewhere. My tendency with any project is to get lost in the weeds, spending time tweaking things that are unnecessary. Christine comes in and cuts the fat – if she didn’t, I would be putting pretty bows all over the fat.

She’s kicking butt.

She’s also pregnant.  We’re expecting baby #2 this winter, right about when Sundance happens. Surprised? So were we. This wasn’t entirely unplanned, but we had good reason to think we were, you know, not pregnant (like the pregnancy test six weeks ago that said we weren’t).  It wasn’t until Christine was like “the kitchen has a weird smell” and “I feel hung over but I haven’t drank anything” and finally she thought she had food poisoning we stopped and said, “wait, this seems familiar.”  Holy crap.  Yay!

We are unbelievably excited, and you should be too! As our friend Danielle said, it means “more long-eyelashed Gilbert babies” which is always a good thing.

We’re also launching a Kickstarter campaign on Monday.  I know!  Little things like making more Gilberts and being told by my toddler to lay on the bed with him and watch John Carter (He forces me, I swear!) will not slow us down.

What am I doing while Christine hacks my work to pieces? It’s time to put my animation/design background to good work, I am trying out visual styles for the animated segment of the film. What you are seeing below is not set in stone and may change, but I am having so much fun going back in time and using these tools again, I am hopeful that this stuff will really help the doc look great.  These are stills, in the film they’ll be animated.

Oh! And we are starting what I hope becomes an awesome/huge gallery of people working in remote places over on The Wireless Generation Facebook page! If you want to be part of this gallery, just shoot over a photo of your far flung work setup to – we will happily plug whatever your website or project may be. We want to see you all working online.

It’s an understatement to say this has been an intense summer, but in a weird way, it’s own best advertisement for working from home, because we’re both home with our son, we’re balancing a lot of things without killing each other (some days we come close), and if we want to sleep in until 11 AM or take a nap at 2 or blow the day off for ice cream and beach time, we can.  And we do.  Six weeks!  Halfway there. Lots of big things on the horizon.