Drew again this week. We made a somewhat surprising story choice in the last two weeks I wanted to talk about – how my mug is going to end up in the movie.

It wasn’t really the plan. I am kind of an attention whore, as anyone who has talked to me and watch me get more and more excited, talking over people and generally trying to monopolize the conversation (I’m getting better, but like a dog, if I go without some socialization once in a while, you can’t take me out in public without being embarrassed). Christine wanted nothing to do with being on camera. We felt pretty strongly that the narrative we would weave between these disparate stories was strong on its own, and it would be fine if that was the direction we ended up choosing.

Then when we were getting feedback from people we trusted to see our Kickstarter campaign before we launched, people seemed to consistently wonder why our story wasn’t in the video more. We scrapped that video, and the one you see there now was much better received by everyone. Then I realized that we have this sort of glue that can frame this entire movie, based on a very real crisis of faith I had part way through, when I was laid off from my job before we made it to Thailand.

We were in San Francisco at the time, and I was crushed. Christine was upbeat, and we recovered, but she wisely told me to get the gear ready, and we headed out to the Golden Gate Bridge to record an interview with me while it was fresh.

Since shooting this two years ago, I had not watched a single frame. Looking at it now, I realize that it will help acknowledge the state this economy is still in, that people struggle. We lived it. I don’t want to sell people “The Secret” and fill their head with unattainable BS with The Wireless Generation. I want people to be aware that there are ways to live a different life, but I did not feel comfortable painting a picture that was impossibly rosy. These are real people, doing real things. Real AMAZING things, but you know, it’s life, and I love it. Even the hard bits.

As far as Kickstarter goes? WOW. Our goal is ambitious, but somehow over the last 55 or so hours into this, we’ve managed to raise 21% of our total goal of $35,000.

Also? We were featured on Mashable after day 1. My mind is blown.

And that story made it on to the front page of Tech News on the Flipboard app. HUZZAH!


Oh OH ALSO. Just as I was finishing writing this, I discovered that not only does MC HAMMER follow Christine, but he re-tweeted her about the film!

We have a LONG way to go to meet our goal, and I am sure this month will have ups and downs and be generally anxiety fueled, for sure on my end, but I am very optimistic we will be able to get this film out to many of you in the US. If we overshoot our fundraising we will start adding cities, and anything is on the table, really. We’ve proven we’ll go just about anywhere in the making of this film, so we don’t need a much of an excuse to take this to international locations.

I hope you guys have enjoyed these glimpses into the process, and we would love your support wherever you can. I look forward to having a beer or three with as many of you as possible. I’m reasonably sure my liver can take it.