The Best of 2010: 100 Inspired Travel Blogs

100 travel blogs, best of, the list

Every year thousands of travel blogs are started as people dream of taking an extended trip, or want to share their travels with people back home or even have loftier aspirations. However, despite prolific numbers, very few people stick with travel blogging and even fewer create the kind of content that makes you say: wow, I have to go there.

This year I wanted to recognize some of my favorite bloggers, big and small, who have been my favorite reads this year.

Who are the Best Travel Blogs of 2010?

It’s travelers who have been doing it for years, and others who are still planning their big trip. It’s professional writers and seasoned photographers.  It’s amateurs and newbies with a wicked turn of phrase or a killer action shot.

It’s funny bloggers who can’t figure out squat toilets and bloggers with kids who wonder about how travel will change their lives. It’s a group of people who have made a conscious choice to do something a little different — whether it’s for now or forever — and they want to share it with you.  To me, it’s my dream team, the travelers I’d most like to travel with in real life.  For some of them, I already have.

Google Reader now lets me share this complete list with you. If you want to subscribe to all of them you can preview the latest posts here.  The subscribe button will let you add all of them to your Google Reader account.

Without further ado, here my list of The Best of 2010: 100 Inspired Travel Blogs:

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  1. Wow, I am so honoured that is part of this list. That’s definitely some incredible and inspiring company we’re keeping. Thanks so much!

  2. Great list Christine and thank you very much for the inclusion. One blog is missing though… your own!


  3. I am totally honored GRRRL TRAVELER is on this list. Mahalos and Kamsahamnidas!

    BTW- your Google Reader feed is BRILLIANT! You’ve saved me clicks and research time. I didn’t realize how many other great writers, photographers and adventurists there were with cool stories; this gives me “instant access” to sit back and sift thru a travel feast!

    • I know I love the google reader thing! One click and done! Subscribed to all.

  4. Excellent list of travel blogs, Christine! Excited to have some new ones to follow.

    Thanks very much for the inclusion and I hope to see you again in Chiang Mai around Christmas!

  5. Skott and Shawna

    Awesome list, as a previous poster said, it will be great to have a few more blogs to add to the list of 30 that we are already following!

    One blog that often seems to get missed on lists like these is I may have a slight bias as he has been helping us a bit with our own RTW planning, but if youhave a chance, give it a view…maybe he can he #101?? 🙂

    Shameless plug for a friend, eh?

    Keep up the awesome blogging!

  6. Thanks for including Jennifer’s World Travels on the list! Just made getting food poisoning in Cambodia worth it!

  7. Thanks so much for including Lives of Wander. Much appreciated. And a big thanks for making it so easy to subscribe to the whole list. Awesome!

  8. While we’re on the subject of travel blogs, may I throw my little neck of the woods out there – Chris in South Korea, which has been covering travel and life in Korea since March 2008 🙂

  9. Guys & girrrrls, congratulations!
    We are a group of travel writers and photographers, who started TRVL Magazine to publish stories on the iPad. This could be interesting for you too, and maybe you would like to join.
    Please check for more information or read what others say about us, for example here on
    Let’s keep in touch!

  10. Awesome and diverse list Christine. Fabulous company to keep – thanks for including me!! Definitely some in there that I am not following yet…will be catching up this weekend! Cheers!

  11. Christine I love your blog and I’m honoured you included me on this list.

    Another great blogger that shouldn’t be forgotten is Michael of it’s one of my personal favorites.

    I was planning on being productive today but looks like I’ll be checking out the others on your list!

  12. Awesome list; I’m blushing at the sheer crowd of great bloggers out there.

    The 1-click Google Reader thing was great – Thanks. 🙂


    p.s. And another thumbs up for

  13. Thanks so much for including Maiden Voyage in this list, Christine–I’m honored to be included with all of these wonderful travel blogs! And thanks for your help with blog guidance. You’re an inspiration to me!

  14. Thank you so much for including us on here. Luckily, we already read most of these guys so I didn’t have too many to add to my Google Reader!

  15. Christine, Thanks so much for including us on your list! There are a lot of great travel blogs out there. So, I’m definitely honored to be included. Hope all is going well for you in your filming. All the best. Jeff

  16. Great list, Christine – thanks for putting it together and including my blog. Hope all is well in Chiang Mai.

  17. Thanks for the inclusion, Christine. I’m really pleased to have made the cut, and be included among so many great bloggers.

    I like the way you’ve given the option to subscribe en masse, too, I’ve never seen it done like that before.

  18. Thanks for including my Christine! I have many of these in my Google Reader but I love how you included that in the bottom- makes it easy to add the rest. Hope you’re still enjoying your time in Thailand 🙂

  19. great list! check out – dedicated to the intersection of travel and design.


  20. For me, having been deeply inspired by your story, the inclusion of Traveling Savage yields a sweet sense of completion. Thank you. Really excellent list.

  21. Thanks for including me in this Christine! As others have said -that Google Reader feature is incredibly cool, I had no idea it could do that!

  22. Wow — too cool!! We consider it quite an honor to be included on your list and to be in such great company with the other blogs and folks here. Awesome! A lot of these we’ve visited and read regularly, and some are new—we plan on checking each one out to see what we’ve been missing!

  23. Thanks so much for the link, Christine!
    Much appreciated. Hope you guys are doing well and having fun in Thailand!

  24. I am so honored, thank you so much! You really made my day. And thanks for sharing your Google reader tip!

  25. What’s this… a link back on your site to mine, ahhh? Now I have to tell Dave that I didn’t mean all those things I said about you! jajaja 😉

    Some other great blogs are:

    Nomadic vegetarian travel blogger, freelance writer, cafe mocha drinker, snake holder, reggae bar addict, and pueblo lover brings you the inside scoop from her global wanderings.

    They are four like minded travelers who decided to buy a bus in Quito, Ecuador. Now they drive around the South American continent aimlessly.

    • Troy– I trust you to tell me like it is! Thanks for the links, I’ll check those out.

  26. Thank you for the this list of really interesting blogs! It is really great! I hope my blog will be among these in one day…

  27. Christine, thank you for including me in this fantastic list! There are about 20 blogs on here that are (tragically) new to me, and I’m grateful to you for the introduction.

    All hail Google — and Almost Fearless. 🙂

  28. Christine, thanks for including Technomadic! I didn’t even know you knew it existed, you big lurker 😛

    As you probably know, I’ve been following your blog for some time now so obviously, the feeling is mutual!

  29. Wow – I am so honored Family on Bikes is included in your list! I’ll add my sentiments to the others – you’ve shown me a bunch of blogs I didn’t know existed! Now I won’t get anything done for a while…

  30. Gosh – I’m honored that you’ve included Family on Bikes on your list!

    I echo the others above – you’ve given me tons more reading material (like I need more to do right now…)

    thanks so much!

  31. Hey Christine!
    Great list. We’ve been in touch for years now through our blogs and even the national travel writers month and I really appreciate the inclusion here.

    We only met briefly once, but I am very proud of all your accomplishments and continued travel and success! 🙂

    See you somewhere soon!

  32. Wow.. what a gift you give by compiling these all together under one bunde!! Love it. Thank you so much! (And thanks for including us on this list of amazing folks.)

  33. Christine, thanks so much for this honor! Almost Fearless and many on your list are travel blogs that constantly inspire me.

  34. Excellent selection, Christine!

    And great to see ComLuv on this site, as well. (It’s funny, I see the graphics I made for ComLuv everywhere these days)

    I love a lot of these blogs. And I’ll keep working hard and hopefully I’ll make the list next time. 🙂

  35. Thanks Christine. This is great. I love having these all together in a list. Ugh – I am going to be up all night reading now!

  36. Thanks for including us! I would also highly recommend my business partner, Sherry Ott’s site:

    She left her career in 2006 to hit the road and hasn’t looked back since. A true inspiration!

  37. That’s deeply, deeply kind. 🙂 Thanks, Christine. I couldn’t feel more honoured – not just because it’s yourself (fan-boy alert here), but also at the company my site is enjoying up there. What a list.

  38. Way to use your google & thanks for the inclusion. Always great to discover new inspiring blogs!

  39. I knew we should have named our blog “Aardvark Adventures”! 🙂

  40. I am incredibly honored to be included in this excellent list. Thank you, Christine. It’s especially meaningful to me since yours is one of the first travel blogs I gravitated to when I started blogging myself. I consider you one of the standard-bearers of the field. And as an aside–I had no idea you could do this with Google Reader! Cool.

  41. Wow, stellar list! Thanks for including me, Christine. I need to sit down later and check out some of the other blogs. There are a lot that I have not heard of until now!

  42. Holy smokes that is a great list. A lot of friends on it and a lot of new blogs to check out.

  43. Thanks for including The Planet D in this great list Christine. It is too bad we never made it to Burning Man this year to meet up with you. But we may be in Thailand on mid December after our China adventure finishes. Hope you are having a blast there. Maybe se ya soon.
    Dave and Deb

  44. How funny … I stumbled across this today, was reading the list and thought that you had listed many of my favorites … then, I saw me.

    Thank you so much for including My Bella Vita in your list!

  45. Christine, yours was the very first site that pushed me to realize I could leave my corporate job of 7 years and travel for the love of it. It’s a cool honor to be included in this list. Merci, merci!

  46. Thanks so much for including Travel Calling, what a honour to be mentioned on Almost Fearless!

  47. Love, love, love nerd’s eye view and Travel Savvy Mom! When I write a post, I try to find a voice somewhere in the middle of these: offbeat, but practical!

  48. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for including us in your list. When say us, I really mean Tracy 🙂 Look forward to catching up with you guys again some time soon. Maybe in India…


  49. great list!!! 🙂 im following most of them… gotta update my list soon…

  50. Sharon Miro

    Great list-I like your blog, and look at or read a lot of what’s on your list…BUT have you checked out ‘Round the world trip “blogging” in 1998, using a phone-coupler & dial-up from pay phones,creating the site on a Toshiba Libretto a precurser to the netbooks we all use now, with pictures under 1 megapixel and way before travel sites became “blogs” and were known as Travelogues.
    Am I biased?-sure-she’s my kid, but has been “posting” about travel for 13 years. In fact, check out this article from the New York Times, 1999 and you can see how around thw world travel was being written about then by her, and some others.

  51. Christine

    Thanks so much for including me! I definitely need to update my Reader with more of your picks 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  52. Hi. While this list is worthy I would alos like to point to 3 solo travelers who have been doing it well beyond most and traveling places well beyond the beaten track: Wade of VagabondJourney; Johnny of OneStep4ward; and myself @ thecandytrail

    Regards from China

    MRP | the candy trail … a nomad across the planet, since 1988

  53. Hi Christine,

    Thank you so much for including us on your list! You of course are one of my top blogs to follow. I hope you are having fun in SEA. We should be there in Feb. Let me know if you will still be there. Thanks again, so flattering to be in such great company. 🙂

  54. Thanks for the mention! I’m just now seeing this as I’ve spent an extended December 3rd making my way back from halfway around the world 😉 I’m familiar with many of these, but there are quite a few more to check out!

  55. Thanks for including me, Christine! I’d also take a look at Cass’ great biking blog, He never promotes himself or his great writing and photography, so I’m happy to do it for him! I met him in Bangkok in 2008 and he’s a great read.

    Hope to see you in Chiang Mai come January!

  56. Wow, Haven’t had the chance to read this yet! Thanks a lot for the mention Christine! Glad to be able to inspire through photos!


  57. One month into our new life of living free and on our own terms. It’s been to hectic to make the blog super awesome yet, but it’s coming. Thanks for the inspiration…we love reading your adventures.

  58. You are a true inspiration to the travel blogging community, Christine. Thank you for your ongoing support.

  59. Wow. What an amazing list of bloggers. There are quite a few on here that I haven’t heard of yet.

    Thanks for including me. Honored.

  60. Thank you so much for including us Christine! It was such an honor to spend some time with you guys at Burning Man and I hope we can bump into each other again in the future! <3

    Great list!

  61. Great list of some sites I had known about and some I haven’t. Maybe next year us brothers from Uncommon Caribbean will make your list. 😀

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  63. very good most of them, I have visited almost all those appointed as and I like most

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  65. Great picks! I’d add a few of my faves: The Expeditioner, Runaway Juno and Cumi & Ciki. Check ’em out 🙂

  66. Thank you for including Wandering Earl up there Christine! I’ve been somewhat disconnected as of late and only now came across this post 🙂 Although I must say that being included on this list is quite a good way to end my current adventure as well as the year itself!

  67. Thanks so much for including me Christine. Yours is one of the first blogs I started subscribing to as soon as I learned what blogs were and figured out Google Reader 🙂

  68. Wow. I’d better keep up my posting if you’re going to be including me in such good company, Christine.

    I’ve been reading your blog for years, so it’s weird reading mine on yours.

    Thank you!

  69. Wow. Finding Inside the Travel Lab on this list has certainly given me a hefty dose of inspiration as 2010 comes to an end. Thank you! Now, off to read the others…

  70. Christine,

    I was out of town for a while in December and just saw this list. Thanks for including Beth at Home and Abroad. That really made me smile.

  71. Great list – have added several new blogs to my (ever growing) RSS feed. Hopefully one day I’ll even be considered for a list like this! 😉

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  74. Hi Christine
    You clearlyknow a lot of people!! Wondering if you know any family travel bloggers who have child who uses a wheelchair or has a disability or has increased mobility/feedng/commuication needs?
    Firstly, I’d like to contact them and hear how they do it all, and secondly, wondering if our blog will be a first?

    • Hi Christine & palmers,

      We met a family who do a lot of shorter trips through South East Asia. Cooper is such and inspiring & awesome young man. You can check out the family blog at

      I hope you find it useful (and that you don’t mind me posting a link Christine 😉 ).


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  76. Oh my God this is a good catch for me… I never thought I would find a blog with all the best travel blogs. I am so happy to find it really. Know I don’t have to dig Google just to find the right blogs that I am looking for. Thank you for coming up with this article.

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  78. Christine – I fell in love with your blog the day I found it. Since returning home from my second RTW almost 2 years ago, I have been avoiding travel blogs because they make my heart hurt. Your list of 100 was what I needed to get back into the travel blog reading business. I promptly added your top 100 to my RSS reader and have been massaging it to make it my own over the past several weeks.

    The problem… your own blog wasn’t on the list! So for the past almost two months I’ve been reading a large percentage of your recommended blogs… but not your own! And you are my idol. I’ve been trying to figure out how I will make my life work when I have babies one day. You are an inspiration (and don’t deserve any “bad parent” hate mail).

    All this to say – you should add your own blog to that list, so those who click your link also get your blog!

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  82. Thank you SO much for including me in this list. 🙂 You are such a luv and totally made my day!!

  83. Great to see all kind of visiting places you have put a lot on this page which so much helping thanks for sharing.

  84. I’ve got my own blog about giving up employment to travel and its interesting that when I do research for post ideas or information, I’ve come to some of the blogs you have listed over and over again. Some of the best ones have a really broad range of information so they show up on the top of Google all the time. Hopefully I’ll get there in a few years.

  85. Thanks Friends,Good Blog of travel and sharing or information.

  86. Thanks for sharing the list of 100 blogs. Really a class sharing to readers. Would like to have some more informative post from your blog.

  87. I’ve just started my own travel blog for when I set off on a 6 month trip with some friends , this list has helped a lot.
    read through at least half of them now and it’s just making me want to get away sooner!

  88. Great list! I’ll certainly check all of ’em. ;p

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  90. Anna-Lucy

    I think you may like our blog, it’s our travel tales but all written by professional travel writers so makes for a good (and humorous!) read……! 🙂

    Happy travels!

  91. I love this list and l love, love, love that many of my nomadic family travel peers are on your list. Of course, I can forgive you darling Christine for missing ours, though I know of at least once (fuck, fuck, fuck) that you visited :-), considering there are so few to choose from, and that in 2010 we were still living in our plush quiet home in Israel. love the list. love the list. oh, and ours is so much love to you,

  92. its a nice post. some of the blogs mentioned in the list are really awesome. Thanks

  93. Really nice blog good information sharing about travel. I am really enjoy read your article.