Welcome to AlmostFearless.com- a blog that follows one womans journey from corporate manager to free wheeling travel writer.

My name is Christine and I’m a freelance writer and photographer. In July 2008, I will officially be a homeless, citizen of the world.

From Corporate Perks to Homeless Vagabond

I always wanted to travel the world. Who doesn’t? But somehow I ended up trading in my 20’s for a job I didn’t love, money I didn’t need (but happily spent on things I didn’t need), and a burgeoning sleeping problem. One night after I ran out of valerian root and melatonin, I stayed up all night looking through job listings in my field. I realized something—I didn’t want to do any of them. None. I could change my job, change my environment, but the work itself had become excruciating.

It was time to take the leap and start over. I would finally pick up that writing career I had been tinkering with for several years. I would get serious about my photography. We would sell everything and move abroad. What’s the worst that can happen?

Our Dogs, Saving Money and Hitting the Panic Button

And then reality hits…

We have to bring our dogs with us! How will that work?

Will my husband’s company let him work remotely from overseas?

How much will this cost?

Maybe I could work part-time! (Husband rolls eyes, “No.”)

Renting an apartment over the internet, and they want me to wire money?

I haven’t studied spanish in 10 years, what is the subjunctive again?

Do we have to actually tell our family? (1, 2, 3, not it!)

Officially declining to renew our lease (nearly homeless now)

Oh no! What have we done!