At my 37 week appointment, my doctor announced: “I think the baby is ready to come very soon, maybe next week!”

Oh crap.

There’s something in my doctor’s manner that’s a little obtuse to me. She doesn’t come out directly and say things, and there’s something culturally just a little bit different than what I’m expecting. This is probably the biggest difference between having a baby in the States and overseas — it’s not the level of care (actually my Mexican MD has done a fantastic job) it’s the sometimes sideways conversations that you end up happening.

“Any questions?”

Uh… Yes, like a million, so… the baby is coming next week, but how? C-section? Induction? Does this mean that things aren’t going well? Am I supposed to guess here?

Meanwhile Cole is bouncing around and Drew is trying to get him not to disassemble the model anatomy of the female reproductive organs.

She does explain. Two things are happening, first the baby’s heart rate dropped during today’s test, meaning she’s probably pinching her cord, which is wrapped around her neck. The heart rate should go up when she moves, but it’s going down. It’s likely this would get worse in labor. Second, it looks like I might be developing pre-eclampsia with this pregnancy too, my hands look swollen and despite my healthy diet I still gained 2 kg in 2 weeks, so I’m probably adding water weight, a sign I’m having problems with my kidneys, which circles back to the slowly creeping blood pressure and my prior history. Blah. So I don’t have any medical problems now, just red flags.

The baby is big enough, I’m full term, I have a prior c-section and while she’s going to continue to monitor me, I know she’s right, there’s really no reason to wait for my pre-e to explode, I’ll just be sick like last time, where I had to take blood pressure meds for two weeks after giving birth. Not fun.

Holy crap, the baby is coming early.

We had lunch with friends after our appointment and then slowly drove home, a little stunned. Drew kept saying “Woah,” and I went into some kind of fevered baby-prep mode, taking us to the store to get the rest of the baby stuff before we even got home, realizing even as I’m totally not mentally prepared for this, there will in fact be a baby here very soon.

Like, a baby. A real baby. It’s stupid how pregnant I am and how hard it is to wrap my brain around that.

And this is another quirk of being overseas, we couldn’t find an infant car seat that wasn’t part of a stroller-car-seat set, so we got this very fancy setup that will never leave Mexico because it’s too big to check on any aircraft. The instructions are in Spanish, and I think they just say, “Open the stroller and stick the car seat on top.” Because that’s all we did.

Our friend, Pam is coming in two weeks — to help us with Cole during the delivery — well, actually now she’ll be here about two weeks after the delivery, if my doctor’s prediction is right. Who will take care of Cole? We’re working on it. Meanwhile I bought him some art supplies for the two days I’ll be in the hospital (no children under 12 are allowed).

I indulged in one pink girly thing.

Another onesie for our little frog.

Receiving blankets and baby towels.

An outfit for coming home from the hospital.

Socks, she will no doubt kick off, but I bought one pair so the nurses won’t cluck at me for having a barefoot baby.

This is everything.  The Ergo wrap we bought used in the States (structured so it’s good for 4 months and older), the bamboo wrap from Etsy (soft, so it’s perfect for newborns), newborn diapers, wet wipes, four swaddling/receiving blankets, baby shampoo, two newborn outfits and two 0-3 month outfits, size 1 diapers, spit up cloths, a swaddling blanket and a pair of socks.

I’m quite proud that all of this could conceivably fit into a single backpack. That’s pretty much all you need. Well that and boobs. Check.

I really love the Ergo wrap.

And this woman makes these bamboo fabric wraps that are so silky soft and fit perfectly for newborns. We used her last time and loved it.

Now we’re just waiting for the baby to come. I go back to the doctor on Monday for more monitoring, then we’ll see…