Before I left Barcelona, I took a cooking class at Barcelona Cooking, this newish cooking school on La Rambla that’s two stories above the street in this charming open loft-style place with it’s Spanish-born and Barcelona-trained head chef Candido Cid.


They teach the classics but they are really dedicated to local, fresh produce and using what’s in season. That’s why we had strawberry gazpacho instead of the tomato-only gazpacho most people are familiar with, because strawberries happened to be in season. Turns out, I like it better than the original.


The great thing about this recipe is two-fold: it requires no cooking and you can use other fruit like cherries or whatever is in season.


2 slices white bread

350 g tomato

350 g strawberries

250 ml water

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp sherry vinegar

salt and pepper

mint leaves

small portion of brie

12 croutons

edible flowers (optional)


The first thing we did was grate the tomatoes. It’s super efficient.


Then slice the strawberries.


Soak the white bread in the water and vinegar for five minutes.


The mint is just chilling in some cold water, to keep it fresh.


By the end you have this bowl of tomato puree and you add in the soaked bread, the strawberries, and the mint then blend.


It only takes a few minutes of blending to get it smooth. Then you’ll want to drizzle in the oil olive and give it another whirl.


That’s it, done!


Of course Candido plated our soup very nicely. He added some more olive oil, salt and pepper, a few flowers, a bit of brie and croutons.


It was too pretty to eat.


Well for a moment.


Nom. What does it taste like? It’s a very fresh, chilled soup. The salt, pepper and olive oil turn it into a dish, balancing it back, because otherwise it’s so light and cool you could just drink it. There might be a reason why you can buy orange juice style containers of chilled gazpacho from convenience store. Next year I’m making this with cherries.