Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Sayulita

We’re actually closer to Sayulita, Mexico, the surfing mecca north of us, than we are to Puerto Vallarta, to the south of us, but we hadn’t made it up there yet.

Sayulita is a really cute little town, with lots of restaurants, surf shops, guest houses — touristy but in a good way. There’s a healthy mix of Mexican families and foreign vacationers on the beach, so it’s one of those places that is popular for a good reason. The waves.

There are surfers, but there are also tons of stand up paddle boards (SUP) for rent on the beach (about $8/hour).

We had lunch on the beach (Drew’s beer, not mine — he’s feeling better, by the way, thank you to everyone for their well wishes!)

I paid way too much for this salad but it was pretty good (lunch for the three of us cost $30, which seems like a lot to me, but I’m acclimated to Thai prices for everything, so it’s probably pretty cheap).

I took all those pics with my iPhone, by the way, because we forgot the camera battery at home (oops!) so I couldn’t get many shots of Drew standing out on the paddle board (it was too far away for the iphone’s zoom) but I did convince him to come closer so I could get a pic.

“Come here Drew!”



Almost there!


Oh, no! I love that the little kid is like, “what are you doing, dude?”

If you’re wondering, yes, this is pretty much what your first day of SUP will look like: Stand up, paddle around, a wave comes, fall right off. Repeat. There are some people surfing into the waves and they make it look SO EASY.

Drew on the other hand, was wrecked.

(On the ride home ALL he talked about was his big plans for paddle boarding: “I wonder how much a used board costs?” and so it begins…)


  1. Nice pics! Brandy and I spent 10 days in sayulita 2 years ago and injoyed it as well. We did some SUP with similar results to Drew!

    We thought it was a nice place to stay for a while or the winter. Glad to hear y’all are enjoying it.

  2. That beach looks like a dream! Drew can get a board, and you can get that sailboat you’ve been thinking about 🙂

  3. Looks like super fun beach times!
    Oh my, food prices are one of the reasons why I am scared to leave SE Asia…

  4. It’s really easy on a lake. I wouldn’t last a minute in the ocean. Good luck Drew!

  5. Al Griffin

    Wife and I were in Sayulita couple of years back right after the worst rains in their history. Beach was a wreck but enjoyed the place.

  6. Vivian Murray

    I really liked Sayulita. Reminded me of some old funky California surfer town. A bit like the current Dominical in Costa Rica, too.

  7. That salad looks amazing and $30 for lunch for 3 isn’t bad at all from where I come from anyways. NYC doesn’t exactly have the cheapest food in the world though.

    Nice job on the board Drew! You rocked it!

  8. Looks so fun! I can’t wait for the summer to come by here in Germany its too cold. And the salad looks really good too.

  9. I love stand up paddling! Of course, I’ve only ever done it on calm, flat waters. The surf definitely looks like a challenge, but I’m glad Drew enjoyed it!

  10. Danielle

    I tried stand up paddling in Hawaii and I was stunned at how hard it was. Even with an instructor. It was like learning to walk for the first time.

  11. Fun post, the salad and the beer look great!! I agree, that last shot is a keeper but it sure looked like fun!