Seriously, This Happens All the Time

Weekly photo: Where is Cole?

traveling with a toddler in China

Location: 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China

Wee! This is why you travel with small children. It’s awesome. It’s like having a little celebrity with you at all times. Cole is so conditioned to this response that he’s super outgoing and just charges into the fray. What does he think, I wonder? “Everyone loves me! I love going outside to see the people! Yes, I will eat whatever that is you’re giving me! Can I have your phone?” The only downside is that we have to watch him carefully, otherwise he’d probably just let some random Chinese family adopt him.


  1. This is so great! We have a similar response traveling with our five kids. Random strangers always want to hold, ‘borrow’ and snap photos of/with the kids. And they are so great at making friends. We’ve met so many fascinating people because of traveling with our children. I love it!

  2. Is it because he’s little and blond?

    I remember when I was in Peru, I was walking through the market and a woman reached out, took me by the chin and turned my head to look at my eyes. Then she touched my hair. It scared the h*ll out of me until I heard her saying “Bonita, Bonita”…

    It was very common for people to want to touch my hair: I guess blond hair is so uncommon down there everyone wanted to see it.

  3. mengmeng

    798 is ‘decaying’…well some people keep saying that… i don’t know, i still love the contrast, between cheesy artwork and bold progressive dinosaur jumping out of page, and just when you become cynical, it threw you some shining line of’ modern art’. have you ever tried ‘cao chang di’? it’s the new ‘798, however not yet developed and lass frequently visited. i was there myself to see this great exhibition called ‘ do a book’ at ‘white space’ which is almost perfect. give it a try sometimes.

  4. Babies are really cute and fun. Having them is like a picnic all the time. Sometimes you will get a sunny day and sometimes all of a sudden it rains!