I just finished the latest workshop in Barcelona and the biggest feedback I received was this: “Christine, you need to tell people about this workshop more!” Okay well I’ll let them tell you:

“I did a workshop with Christine in May of this year. Seven months later, I quit my job in California and brought my husband with me to attend another workshop! In a week, we went from scattered ideas, to a clear vision complete with milestones and detailed action steps to get us there. Christine’s genius lies in her ability to take your scattered ideas and chart them into a actionable step-by-step plan to reach your biggest goal. Christine’s previous life as a project manager, coupled with her creativity as a writer are what make this workshop different than the others. She is a techie, writer and business coach all rolled into one!” ~ Tiffiney Lozano, wildchildtravels.com

“Working with Christine at the Blog Brilliantly workshop was the kick in the butt I needed. While I originally set up a blog for family and friends to keep track of me, I used my time in the workshop to help me understand fully what my blog could become if I dedicated the time and resources needed. The material was tailored specifically to the attendees, and in addition to writing and photography, we covered ebooks, ‘real’ books, freelance writing, YouTube, and partnerships/sponsorships! It was quite a week and I walked away with an action plan for the next six months. I think that bloggers at all points in their journey would find value in the workshop – our group had varied experience and we were all equally impacted.” ~Julie Smith, driveontheleft.com

“I heard about the blog brilliantly workshop as I was walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. A fellow “pilgrim” was planning to travel to Barcelona upon completion of the Camino and attend the workshop. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I signed up and am so glad I did! I did have a blog, mainly aimed at family and friends, and was also working on a book. The workshop gave me the tools I need to take my blog to the next level. But the writing feedback is what I found most immediately valuable. I know now that I can take my book from a nice little memoir close associates would enjoy to a truly marketable book. I will remain eternally grateful to Christine, and all the workshop participants for that matter, for the encouragement I received and for the concrete strategies that could be utilized to build a life of my choosing. It was like job training for the self-employed.” ~Kate Brown, writing a travel memoir

2015 is going to be a big year. I’m doing three totally different workshops: my standard writing and blogging workshop (Barcelona), a new one called “Hell Week” (also Barcelona) and a week long food and travel photography workshop in Bangkok.



This is the five day long workshop that covers everything from writing to photography to making a living online. The days are roughly aligned along an overview, writing (and critiques), photography, monetization and finally strategy (you present your plan for going forward). Includes access to the online course ($249). It’s usually $499 but until December 1st, 2014, you can get in for just $199. Room and board are not included. (For what it’s worth this follows directly after the TBEX conference in Costa Brava so if you’re going to Spain for that, you can stick around for the workshop.)


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It doesn’t look like hell, does it? Well this week is all about launching a product. Whether that’s a new blog, an ebook, a book, or a new product or service, this is where you get it done. Based on the Hell Week concept that’s sweeping Europe (it’s a Norwegian concept) we are renting out a house for the week and will provide support as you crank out your latest project. It’s a really small group and included is your room, daily meals, on-site support from Christine and Sabine (Sabine is a productivity coach) and daily yoga. There will also be a designer and tech guru on call to handle any issues that come up. Of course it will be all about being productive and you’ll be doing your own work, but the atmosphere and support will free you up to focus on whatever project you’ve dreamed up. Included is room and board — plus access to the online course ($249). Cost is normally $1299 per person, but until December 1, 2014 it’s just $799. This follows directly after the Barcelona workshop so you could go to the full week of instruction then sign up for Hell Week for less than $999 (if you enroll now). Off-site childcare is also available, if you need it (inquire at christine.gilbert@gmail.com — space is incredibly limited).



This is an intensive, week long workshop that focuses on building your food, travel, street and lifestyle photography. Bangkok is a fantastic place to photograph because almost everything you shoot is going to come out looking amazing. It’s also a great place to learn because there are so many different situations you can master, from shooting in a kitchen, where our chef will prepare meals (that you later get to eat), to street photography, to the floating markets, to shooting children in a ethically appropriate way. There will be lots of food along the trip, but even on the days where there are not, a street food stall is only $1 a plate anyway. Bangkok expert and travel writer Pamela MacNaughtan will be co-hosting the event. Includes access to the online course ($249). It’s usually $499 but until December 1st, 2014, you can get in for just $199. Room and board are not included. (For what it’s worth this follows directly after the TBEX conference in Bangkok so if you’re going to Thailand for that, you can stick around for the workshop.)


Can’t travel? That’s okay, if you want to do the online, self-paced version of the course, which also includes Skype and email consults with Christine (plus access to the Facebook group and lifetime membership, including all new content as it comes) then it’s usually $249 but until December 1st, 2014, you can get in for just $99.

Cole giving a toast at the "kid's table". Cheers!
Cole giving a toast at the “kid’s table”. Cheers!