So I ran a week long blogging workshop in Barcelona and part of it is hands on… we take photos, I teach Lightroom editing, we talk about editorial calendars and mission statements… then people write up their plans. It was funny in the context of all of this teaching about blogging to see my own photos from that week.

blogging workshop-1

Everyday we’d go out to lunch, getting one of the menu del dia 10 euro lunches, which is an insane amount of food plus beer (or wine). Above is one of our attendees holding another attendees’ sleeping baby. And drinking a beer. Because… SPAIN!

blogging workshop-2

I am obsessed with taking photos of food. I’m not even particularly good at it. I mean I’m good, I’m fantastic, but I’m so far away from any practical professional application it’s not even funny. It bothers me though, this space between what I want to create, and what I’m able to create. I’m intrigued by it. I’m obsessed.

blogging workshop-3

So I keep taking photos. I am getting a little better. I could still take more time, set up shots better. I don’t even care about that, I just want to be good at it. I have no idea why. I think they are beautiful and looking at them makes me happy.

blogging workshop-4

So that’s my little secret side passion. Even when I’m not paying attention, I still take these photos. I look back and there’s shots of buildings and people, things I feel like I have to document, then there’s entire collections of food shots, everything I ate, multiple angles, positioned in the light, the table settings moved around just so, as my food gets cold.

blogging workshop-5

That and children. I love taking pictures of kids but I have absolutely zero talent at getting them to hold still long enough. This one time I got lucky.

blogging workshop-6

I have no idea what this was. Eggplant? I’m not happy with it, but I wonder if I could have used the shadows differently.

blogging workshop-7

One of my favorites, calamari. Straight on yum.

And that’s it. There’s no Gaudi buildings or quirky shots of people during sessions or even people on the street. We walked around and I taught, distracted but still taking photos and I came home to find my camera full of food shots. Like hundreds of them. I’m not sure what that says about me or Barcelona, but obviously one thing is clear, I travel for the food photos.