There’s a brand new flight from NYC to Bergen, Norway — direct on Norwegian — and we happened to be on the inaugural flight. We didn’t know that at the time, but given the super cheap $220 one-way fare we paid it makes sense. We were the very first people to enjoy this brand new aircraft — which I am happy to report, if this is where aviation is going, it’s delightful. Whatever they did to improve the air pressure on this plane worked, I didn’t feel dehydrated or sick at all. It was like breathing normal air. LOVED IT.

Of course there was a six hour delay, which is about the time it would take them to fly from Bergen to NYC, so I kind of suspect someone was like, “Oh wait, the inaugural flight is today? Like today, today? Quick, we have to be in NYC!”


If you can stay up until 4 AM in an airport with two kids, you can do anything.


Poor Stella, trying to get some zzz’s on the airport chairs.

But all’s well that ends well and our 32 hours in Bergen turned into just 24 as we got some sleep and prepared to fly to Barcelona. My kids slept for 18 hours straight after the flight, then we carefully ventured out into town.


Here’s one of the first things we noticed: these criminal children climbing all over monuments!


Actually the entire thing was designed — yes indeed — to allow kids to climb it. Not in a primary color painted, safety tested, covered in foam kind of way, but with real rocks, uneven edges and water.

Cole lost his mind. I don’t know how I will ever convince him that he’s not allowed to climb into the fountain again.


It’s chilly but the tulips are out.


So lovely, they really take care of this city.


I mean seriously, everywhere there are flowers planted.


And TWO times we got mistaken for Norwegians, which I blame in part by our blue-eyed children. Doesn’t Stella look like she should be skiing to school in the winter, eating fermented fish and hiking with her parents for fun during school breaks?


By the way, if there is any doubt, Norway is very expensive. The cheapest dish was a simple fish and chips, served on the street and eaten at picnic tables for $20 a plate. Other dishes were more like $50.


There is a cafe culture, and I love that people just bundle up and eat outside even when it’s cold.


A panorama of the bay… it’s hard to get a sense of how beautiful it is with a single shot, so this kind of gives you an idea. It’s straight out of a postcard but with 360 views.


Finally we head to the airport and voila, every fourth seat folds back and turns into a baby seat with a five point safety harness. How can you not love this country?


We definitely want to come back to Norway, but I suspect the ONLY way to do it without spending $300 a day is to bike and camp. There’s a lot of free camping and there are trails all over the country. It won’t happen this year, but it’s definitely on our list. Maybe next summer. Norway, we love you!