Help Your Parents Celebrate Their Retirement

If your mom or dad is set to retire soon, they’re probably shaking in their boots with excitement to reach this wonderful milestone. Now that they’ve been in the workforce for so long, the prospect of free time and no more work deadlines is no doubt making them grin from ear to ear. If you’re looking to help them celebrate this amazing occasion, plan an amazing retirement party that will give them the perfect induction into retired life.

Get to Planning

Once your mom or dad informs you of their intentions to retire, start planning immediately. The first thing you need to do is create a list of all the guests you know your parents would love to see at their retirement party. You’ll also need to determine whether or not you’re going to make this a surprise party. You may be balking at the idea of planning a secret shindig, but the reveal of your detailed planning and hard work will be worth the stress and frustration that come along with it. If you are waffling on the decision, make sure you take into account whether or not your mom or dad would enjoy a surprise. Once you’ve made the decision, make it crystal clear on the invitation that it will or won’t be a secret affair—you don’t need any unknowing guests spoiling the surprise and all your hard work.

Maintain a Budget

Your parents have provided all you need in life, and it’s no surprise that you want to return the favor with the best retirement party possible, but blowing your budget will do no one any favors. Make sure you keep a detailed budget and draft it early, before you put down any deposits or make any solid plans. If you have enough time, you can make any necessary changes to the budget or plan. Use a budgeting system like GoodBudget to make sure you stay on track and make your planning process as stress-free as possible.

To Cater or Not to Cater?

Once invites are out and the venue is secured, make sure the food is to die for. The main event is the food spread after all, so put together a delicious menu you know your parents and their guests will happily devour. If you’re not looking to cook a vast array of food for the many guests that you’ll be receiving, you may prefer to cater the party. If your parents have a favorite restaurant they like to frequent, look into those catering options, or stick to a classic like Togo’s sandwiches.

Enlist Some Friends

Once people catch wind of your idea to plan a retirement party, you’ll likely have plenty of friends and family members offering to help out. Don’t let your pride of planning the party get in the way of accepting help. If people offer a hand, accept it! Have a list ready of the tasks and duties you could assign to a willing and able volunteer. Whether it’s picking up the food, baking some desserts for the occasion, or setting up tables and chairs at the party, every little bit of help will take some stress off your shoulders. Plus, your mom and dad probably have plenty of people who want to show their thanks for all they’ve done for them, and this will give them an avenue to do so.

Finding the Right Retirement Gift

Retirement is a huge milestone, and finding the right retirement gift is usually a balance of humor, sincerity, and personalization. Combine all of those things in a customized gift you know that they will love. Maybe it’s a wine bottle etched with a beautiful personal message from, or perhaps it’s a personalized charm bracelet for mom that she’ll wear every day. You know your parents hobbies and likes, so consider what they would get the most happiness or use from. Another popular present idea for retirees is the opportunity to travel. Whether you put money towards an airline gift certificate, or purchase them a few nights at a hotel in a locale you know they will love, a travel-oriented gift is sure to be appreciated.

Make sure your mom and dad feel appreciated on their retirement day and plan a party they and all of their friends and family will enjoy.