Stella turned four months old today — the day when DOMA was overturned. It’s these historic moments when you look at your kids and realize for everything that’s messed up in the world,  things are changing. It’s taking a long time to make it happen legally, but as society, our hearts have changed, and that’s a powerful thing. Stella will grow up in a world were people in love can get married. She will never know a world that was ever any different. I have two friends in Boston who are a married gay couple with two kids, who are now recognized federally. It’s about family. It’s also about love, like all those mixed citizenship same sex couples out there, that are unable to ever live in the US with their spouse, because until today, you couldn’t get a green card for your same sex partner. The world is changing. It’s frustrating sometimes, it feels like we’re going backwards but progress is being made.

In other news, Stella is four months old. I take writing breaks specifically to kiss those chubby cheeks. She’s so delicious right now, Drew and I just take turns with her, saying, “Here, hold her, she’s amazing.”