I was in surgery last week — I’m recovering now (thank you for those who asked!) — but I have been following the US scandal on spying on US citizens via phone or email. At this point, you can have a private, encrypted, totally safe text, phone or video conversation from the guy who invented PGP (pretty good protection, aka the encryption most people use) at Silent Circlebut email is never safe.

In the last week, two very popular encrypted email services (Lavabit and Silent Circle) shut down. I don’t even use encrypted email but this freaked me out. See this very long, but interesting video that explains exactly why that is:

Do you travel overseas?

The crazy thing is to think of any government in the world having access to your email — intellectual property, IP, location, information or anything you send.

I don’t know, I hardly think about these things because I feel like, “well I have nothing to hide” and yet… what would it take? A negative post about China? A complaining tweet about Vietnam? Then visiting a year later and finding myself on a list? Paranoid? Yes. Absolutely. This has never happened to anyone I know… yet… I have seven years of archives on Gmail. SEVEN! What if I said the wrong thing? What if someone WANTS to make a case against me?

Okay, maybe my surgery meds are making me paranoid, but there it is… passing the info along… he says, “I don’t know a single power that the US has ever granted itself that it has ever been able to pull back.”

Something to think about, maybe not for immediate action, but in the coming years. Maybe just avoid politics (criticizing the Thai King for example) via email. Or start a peer-to-peer super encrypted email system. Tell me when you do, I want to sign up.

“Your ability to communicate around the world is literally under attack under every corner.”