Last week I wrote about our decision to move to Spain and afterwards I was informed by a reader that no… in Spain (unlike some other countries in Europe) you can’t maintain dual-citizenship. In fact, you have to stand before a Spanish judge and renounce your US citizenship and swear loyalty to the crown.

The idea of that hit me emotionally. Giving up my American citizenship? It just feels like… I don’t know really scary and I feel attached to it. I’m not even the most patriotic American, I am annoyed by our politics and sometimes things in our culture drive me crazy. But the idea of turning in my passport, even to receive a Spanish one, well it just made me realize what a huge decision this is.

I wonder if other people feel this way… if you could instantly receive citizenship in any country in the world, would you be willing to renounce your home country’s citizenship?

Could you do it?

By the way, I think it’s a fair thing for Spain to ask of me, and maybe by the time I qualify, after 10 years of living in Spain, I will feel very differently. My friends and new “family” will be Spanish. Spain will feel like my home. Living in the US will be a distant memory.

We will still go to Spain, but now, I have this very large question looming on the horizon… perhaps I’ll just remain a permanent resident forever, or maybe I’ll make the plunge one day. What would you do?