Drew here! We sort of knew when we started this Kickstarter campaign that there was no way around obsessing about it, and this week we embraced the repetitive and wholly unhealthy indulgence of repeatedly checking the page to see if a new pledge had come through. So bad was this obsession, it interrupted episodes of Game of Thrones we have been catching up on. If you have watched and enjoyed Game of Thrones, you know how big a deal that is.

Oh, we have a film we are making, you say? Oh, poop. this week crushed our productivity. We planned for this, it’s cool. I’ve cracked the files back open.

Then, just an hour ago Christine looks at me and says “Holy sh*t! We need to get out of the country!” Our visas are up in two days. It is looking like a brief trip to Cyprus is in our very immediate future.

Cyprus has been on my modest short list of places to visit for a few years now, so I am excited to see some of it, but I didn’t quite plan for this.

What does it mean? It means next week is going to get even busier, if such a thing is possible. I’ll have a fair amount of ground to make up. I’m liking what we have, but there is still plenty to do before we  can comfortably ship this thing out.

First MC Hammer, then Tim Ferris. Surely David Hasslehoff will be next?

How is the Kickstarter campaign going, you ask? (Did you ask? Because an answer is coming whether you did or not.) We are doing really well at the moment, with 43% funding and 19 days left to go. Mathematically, I keep telling myself that we are looking very good, but this is typically the stretch of time all campaigns go through where growth slows to an earth-shattering crawl. Christine, as usual, is the calm one in these scenarios, talking me down off the metaphorical ledge every couple of days. The support we have received has been nothing short of astonishing, seeing the names of people I hadn’t heard from in years, or people I had only the most flimsy connection to, who had heard it from friends of friends. The most surprising, naturally, are the tons of names I simply do not recognize, some of whom pledging shockingly large amounts. My sincere thanks goes out to whoever all of you strangers are, along with everyone else. I think we really will make this tour happen with all of your support.

Oh! and I wanted to mention something we are doing on the Facebook page for The Wireless Generation – Christine and I have asked a bunch of our favorite people for photos of their own wireless work station, and I wanted to open it up to anyone who has a picture they might like to share of them working in some remote location in the world. We will happily plug whatever project or site you are working on, just shoot your picture over to wifigenmovie@gmail.com. We would be happy to share your space with the world, if you want to join in! Cheers!

If you have any ideas about how we might improve the campaign page, whether it be messaging, rewards, or just about anything, I will happily take everything under advisement and seriously consider good ideas. Last week, Glenn Dixon suggested I take some of my interview footage to put the message of the movie into better context.We really liked that idea, so we started working on that interview and will hopefully have a fun new version of the trailer for people to see in the next week or so.

Thanks again guys, you really are the best. Between you and Christine, you guys are doing a great job at keeping me from having to breathe into a paper bag to calm myself down.